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Lookit, I'm on bastard bus again. I recognise my smears up the window, from trying to rub a patch clear so I could see out. It's cold and wet but I'm no longer hiding under the covers watching tv westerns attempting to write more M7. I'm on a bus into the city. Ay me.

Oh great, a geriatric just set off her alarm. Now everybody wants to kill her as the stupid old biddy can't switch it off. Our ears are bleeding here. She's gotten off the bus. Good riddance you old bag. Hmph.

Still don't have all the keys. It's a power thing. Had to crawl around the side when I left to feed the birds, who were all siiting in the tops of the trees watching me get in and out of the shower. It's like the Birds meets Rear Window meets Psycho. Creepy.

Okay, fic notes (these will no doubt contain adult themes): Chris finds Ezra about to kill the man. Chris kills him for Ezra (qv sin eater). Chris takes Ezra back to hotel. Buck bursts in the next morning shouting that Vin said Chris had found Ezra, then stops dead. It's true. Chris had found Ezra. There's Ezra, in his bed. Buck runs off. JD finds Buck wiping away the tears atop the hotel's widow's walk. JD calls out Ezra and Ezra damn nearly kills him. Chris stops him. JD has no idea how deadly Ezra can be when riled, whereas Vin, Chris and Buck have a fair idea.

Back to reality (boring!): After being so late I just about left, especially as instead of meeting me in Borders where I was warm and happy (they were playing tijuana jazz and it reminded me of I Spy) she made me wait in the cold at Town Hall with 700 or so aggressive fundalmentalist culty Christians. Arrrrgh. Talk about Purgatory. So no time for lunch and as I'd not eaten (never before a two hour bus trip, I get travel sick like nobody else on this planet, especially on a zig zaggy road and it's an old bullock track so yeah, zig zaggy) I was now cold, damp, irritated and foodless. Rather gave her an earful but it had been decades long in coming. So we saw Star Wars. And you know what? I loved it. One of those having zero expectations thing. Ewan was cute, and very disturbingly Renton in the diner scene and on the whole I thought it no better or worse than Empire r Jedi so I was happy. Kiwis up the wazoo though, but they were great. I think the Australasians really made the film, acting their little hearts out. They sort of had the so desperate for a gig we'll do anything vibe the first film had J. I coulda lost the two annoying plot forwarding leads, but as far as cheesy fun went, yeah. It worked for me. Okay, I had taken a few pills for my headache so maybe I'd finally mellowed out a bit, but I was happy for a couple of hours.

Ran into Evan at the bustop. Blast from the past, but plesantly so.



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