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Here I am again. Just. Hard a hard night being up all night sick from cramps (take this, bitch).

Stayed home yesterday. I hadn't really decided to stay home but as I slept right through the alarm, the birds and various traffic in and out of the house including the painter, well, by the time I woke up it was well past time to do anything about it other than to roll over and go back to sleep. It's much better that way, to just snarf painkillers, turn up the electric blanket painfully high and sleep through the worst of it (though today feels like the worst of it - it's harder and more wearying to sit through it and smile through gritted teeth).

Dozed and sweated through the day and surreally filled in the gaps between Quincy, 7 Days, Teachers, Perry Mason, The Fugitive, Angel, Buffy and Doctor Who (The Krotons or the Croutons, as we called them, or when expresso machines go bad. Because they really did look like ambulatory, bad tempered expresso machines. Skinny decafe this!). TV is more fun to watch than dvd when I feel ooogy because I don't feel as though I have to pay attention or that I'll get into trouble for leaving the machines on while I zuzz. Of course once the sun set I was wide awake (I am nocturnal, alas) so I sat up through Charmed, Law & Order and various fillums on cable all night.

The night before had involved Buffy, Angel, fell asleep through a good twenty minutes of Without A Trace again, ooops, and Angel and Miracles. Damn, just when I really, really get into Miracles it was the last episode. Guess I'll have to go a hunting fan fic, then (be wery wery qwiet). Anyone know any good Miracles slash?

I'd review what I watched (sort of) but to be honest I don't really remember, and the bits I dreamt kinda blurred together (but that's always fun) and there were two pregnant Cordy eps so, you know, confusing (Seasons 1, 4 and 5 of Angel, season 6 & 7 of Buffy).

I did catch the Laramie Project though, and it was much better than the blurb led me to believe (nothing turns me off faster than something that begins with the words 'theatre project'). Very slick, well cast and very moving. Somehow I'd missed all the hoo-ha in the papers, either it wasn't covered here or I was having some real life issues of my own, but this caught me up to speed. Now I get all those Smallville comments. How trite, but there you go.

Right now I'm catching up on all the work that was left for me. Just about done. Then I think I'll just sit here and haemorrhage and whimper into my tea. Sorry, no scans or fic today. Out of order.

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