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the war against tim tams

All I did last night was box up my last care packages of Tim Tams to the US, as we're being banned from sending goodies through the post from now on (NAFTA my arse). Paranoid much? As if we'd adulterate the sacred Tim Tam with anything more sinister than Tia Maria. I guess this means no more smuggling in of travelling jars of vegemite either, not that I'll be visting Police State USA any time soon.

Especially the last time I was bailed up at San Francisco for carrying half a dozen packets of Tim Tams on my person. And that was then, I'm so not going now. Not to a place that would ban friends sending friends Tim Tams. That's just...beyond facism, is what it is. Pity, as I shall miss making my delicate Septic mates squeal and recoil in horror as I twist the top off me little pot of vegemite and inhale deeply of its aromatic bouquet. Ahhh, the smell of home. Nothing like it :D

So, anyways, the plan was to spend today in bed, doing sod all. The problem is that I said this out loud to a friend. Well, typed my intent, which obviously has the same effect, apparently.

In a perfect world I wouldn't have mind alteringly down on all fours puking cramps, but okay, I can wear it, so long as I can stay in bed watching a very young Colin Farrell on telly.

Nope. The universe says no. There's a site that is supposed to be up and live by start of business this morning. It's 1pm and I still haven't seen so much as a pdf. So I've dragged myself in here, feeling wretched, and I'm waiting around for the content to arrive. By the looks of things I'll be lucky to get home before 8pm tonight. I brought in my hot water bottle to nestle behind me in my chair (luxury! sheer luxury!) and everyone bar two souless bastards who hate my guts anyway have all commented that I am beyond pathetic and miserable looking today.

Fearless Leader says I can have tomorrow off. No, his flinty heart wasn't moved by my plight, it's just that the head office bitca responsible for my tenfold misery today is deigning to visit us tomorrow and Fearless Leader is worried that my hot water bottie has a bit of heft to it and might pack a mighty wallop were I to swing it around my head and get Xena on the bitca's arse. As if I would...okay, so he knows me too well.

Not happy.

Didn't read or watch anything last night. Crawled into bed, snarfed mersyndols like they were smarties and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until midnight when I woke up with next level cramps to Quantum Leap. Yay, I haven't seen it in absolute ages. After that it was Seaquest and I fell asleep again until the alarm went off.

Aged Parent suggested I go in later, so I watched a bit of young purty Col (American Outlaws) then I staggered up to the bus stop and leant against the pole that denotes said stop until the bus came. Unhappily at that hour the bus was twenty minutes late, standing room only, had to stop at every stop and every bump and shudder was agony. Because of all the school buses it also had to park at the other end of the station, so I had a long, nearly entire city block run and some Islander school kid the size of a McMansion slammed into me.

Not happy.

So here I sit, too miserable to do anything, really. I might open some digests I paperbagged into work on disk while I wait, but I won't enjoy them.

Not happy.

  • 11 Oscars, but it's far from perfect
  • Rings Oscars win lifts TV ratings
  • Who said what at the Oscars
  • "Hidalgo" Premiere - After-Party
  • "Hidalgo" Premiere - Red Carpet
  • "Hidalgo" Premiere
  • Spike
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • Jack Sparrow and slash archive
  • High Seas
  • Plunder, the PotC Slash Archive
  • Soaps beat nanny state, says Jowell
  • Lobbing a Grenade at Women's Magazines
  • SealCam
  • Swearing parrot to miss Queen
  • Tempers blamed for heart failures
  • Rare old coin turns up like a bad penny
  • ozword
  • Juanita Nielsen, casualty of ideological war
  • The Hierophant Card
    You are the the Hierophant card. The Hierophant,
    called The Pope in some decks, is the preserver
    of cultural traditions. After entering The
    Emperor's society, The Hierophant teaches us
    its wisdom. The Hierophant learns and teaches
    our cultural traditions. The discoveries our
    ancestors have made influence the present.
    Without forces such as The Hierophant who are
    able to interpret and communicate traditional
    lore, each generation would have to begin to
    learn anew. As a force that is concentrated on
    our past and our culture, The Hierophant can
    sometimes be stubborn and set in his ways. This
    is a negative trait he shares with his zodiac
    sign, Taurus. But like Taurus he is productive.
    His traditional lore can provide a source of
    inspiration for the creatively inclined, and
    his knowledge provides an excellent foundation
    for those who come into their own in the
    business world. Image from: Morgan E.

    Which Tarot Card Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla


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