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This just lobbed into my inbox: "Anything you would like to say to the Director General?"

Woof. Yes, many things, but nothing that could be said and still have me being employed tomorrow. Yes, I know I'm for the axe but I'm waiting for the pink slip in me mits before I let rip :D

Actually, I'm only just now getting my mail (or a portion thereof). It's being more of a Monday than is seemly, imho. I mean, yeah, sure, everything is out at work, yippee, but nor can I peek at my own mail etc so I am bored, bored, bored and fed up, especially as I had stuff to post.

Especially as I didn't do any of those things on the PC over the weekend like I promised. Look, it was like this: I was busing charing, then I had a humongous headache and that was Saturday. On Sunday the previous headache must have stripped me of another 40 IQ points because breakfast involved popping the toaster down sans bread, putting the honey in the fridge, leaving the butter out (a definite no no in this city), putting the sugar in my coffee plunger and the coffee in my then I had decided there was no way in hell I was going near my PC.

Besides, it looks like everything's been down since Friday night anyways. So yes, I will at least update the ol' fic archive, as soon as I get my brain in gear and Telstra pulls its finger out (ie, someday, maybe).

Technically, I should use this enforced down time for writing but I had coffee this morning, not tea, didn't I. Coffee is for doing things, tea is for thinking and being all mellow and writing and never the twain shall meet, so I'm totally screwed. Bugger.

Friday was late and it was The Curse on Stargate, too. Bugger. What can I say, i'm a sucker for a Danny episode. Intriguing, how Daniel is alpha boy outside of the SGC and all butch and in command. And he had a girlfriend, mercy me. I'm not sure, but I think Daniel actually got some in this episode, though friends disagree. I stand by my assertion that Character X walking into a scene adjusting now rumpled clothing is US tv talk for hot sweaty shagging off screen that we will infer but never refer to because that'll upset all those clenched up folk, cf Kirk pulling his boots on.

Amusing that Osiris turned up in Cambridge Spies with hubby Toby (nepotism!) and dear Sammy West.

Next: Wire in the Blood. My weekly Robson fix. Alas, not so good this week, or, as Bro quipped: The Case of the Obvious Mystery. Damn shame I swear I'd seen this plot on SVU the other week, and hello to the heavy handed closeups hammering home THIS IS A CLUE! Okay, didn't know we'd need hard hats this time round. So we figured out who was doing what and why in the first five minutes so after that it was just Robson watching for the sake of Robson watching. Oh well, they can't all be pearls.

Saturday included Wild Wild West for breakfast. Nothing really special but Jim was duly stripped, tied up and tortured, as required.

Saturday night and I'm still bereft of Smallville, however EvilChannelNine offered up Hunt for Red October with Sammykins (yay) but cut with so many looong commercial breaks I could actually watch Law & Order and Parky as well. Dear Sam, all spiffy in his uniform. I was hoping it'd inspire a fic and I managed two pages, but two pages of tripe, alas, and I can't use it because part 2 is meant to be a happy fic - prolly why I can't write it.

After that, because I'd stayed up late, it was onto Cary Grant and Rage. They played a few classics like Sex Pistols and The Damned (pssst, don't say anything but I've always thought Spike was based more on Captain Sensible than anyone else - giggle).

I enjoyed the punk thing because I'd been jonesing for The Clash all day. See I'd been watching the final play (weep) of Gypsy Woman which happens to star the very lovely Jack Davenport but Joe did the music and as the end credits rolled I just burst into tears. Yup, PMS time when I burst into tears as easily as sneezing.

I'd planned to spend my evening programming a Jack themed night, you know, POTC, maybe some Coupling or Ultraviolet or something from the video vaults (Macbeth, Talos, that frock drama, the name of which escapes me) but no, ended up doing evil monkeys because I put on Raiders next (but was interrupted so only saw about 15 minutes or so).

Sunday was Wild Wild West again for breakfast, this time with good Cheyenne and bad Union officers and Quaker (?) rail bosses. Almost progressive, to have good injuns, in the 60s. It actually wasn't too silly a plot (I swear I've seen it turn up later in a fillum) with the bad guys pretending to be naughty Cheyenne so the Cheyenne copped the blame for all the lootin' and killin' and James ended up in a threesome at the end, which was also pretty progressive.

The evening involved a couple of episodes of Firefly (Train Job and Shindig) - must be in a western mood - and then Streets of San Francisco. Tonight's episode featured David Soul as a Mexican American who was passing and quite contemptuous of his roots. No offence meant here, but WTF? I mean, Aryan poster boy David Soul, seen here extra blond, is hardly anyone's idea of a Mexican. Could not they hire a brunette for the role? I thought he might be half, but no, he was 100% Mexican so again, I say, WTF? And it's unkind to say it, I know, but the actress playing his mother really, really, really looked like Antonio Banderas in drag. She really, really did.

I've seen this plot a hundred times, from Quincy to Law and Order, and they always cast the most unlikely actors in these roles (cf Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain). Surely there are plenty of ethnically ambigous actors in Hollywood, or are they so busy passing that they're loathe to draw attention to the fact?

Whatever. David Soul as a Mexican? WTF? Couldn't they have at least tried to Mex him up a bit like they did with Willem Dafoe? No? Okay, whatever. Yes, we have no Mexicans at Central Casting (my Dad always used to pour shite on non-Asians playing Asians. Come on, Soon Tek Oh needs the work ) :D

Then I settled in for Byron, part two. Still haven't seen part one, but as I know the story it wasn't hard to pick up. I think Johhny did well, not taking it too OTT which he could have so easily done. Of all the boys, Johnny is the least affected and least given to mugging at the camera, and yet also the least rewarded. I suspect it's because he's a nice guy (after years of compiling images I've noticed that whenever a friend is having a crap time, you'll usually find Johnny by their shoulder, it's sweet). Nice guys finish last, after all. Never mind, he did well, I enjoyed it very much.

After that it was Stargate time again, this time The Other Side, because I obviously don't have enough Odo in my life. Jack goes from being all about the mission and unforgivably rude to Daniel, in an across the table spat that left the poor aliens not knowing where to look, but then Jack pulls a 180 and apologises to Daniel and gets all murderously ruthless with the aliens just because he's decided he doesn't like their philosophy after all.

This whole allies while it's convenient but dropped like a stone and actively destroyed when it becomes embaressing thing just sums up current US foreign policy no end. But aside from that, Jack goes from just about being so for the aliens he's happy to slap Daniel down, to then being so hostile to the aliens he actively facilitates their destruction, which is totally against the whole not interferring in a world war thing they were supposed to be following anyway.

So...Jack's one of those with me or against me kinda Yanks, then, and against me means I'm gonna get all Old Testament on your arse. Not fun. Not someone you want to get on the bad side of then, obviously. I mean, I like cold bastard Jack, I do, I like it when he pops out to be scary. It's the complete about face that I find a worry. You don't want someone as deadly as Jack to be see sawing back and forth on the flimiest of intel. I mean, too bad if they decided the technology was worth cosying up to a bunch of Nazis afterall (and, heh, it wouldn't be the first time for the USAF). :p

Discomforting episode.

ISP update: still off the air. Okay, don't expect anything more from me today, then, folks. Actually, as we're counting down to crampy screamy bucket time, I probably won't be attempting to update anything until next week, as daft making hormones and happy pills and computers really don't mix. So in the meantime if you want to send me any Sharpe or Sean related fic, or anything of a seafaring nature (Aubrey/Maturin, Hornblower, etc), then just send it to me, any format, and I'll be most happy to receive it and add it to the archives as soon as I'm sensible. I feel like updating my poor old archives, which is of course why I can't access them for love or money. Hmph.

So, no updates this week (and I have three new Sharpes, dammit). Sorry about that, Chief. Normal services will resume as soon as we can figure out what is normal anyway.

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