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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Fri, 16:25: RT @ArtGalleryofNSW: The father of modern Australian photography, Harold Cazneaux, was born #onthisday in 1878. Discover 170 photographs by…
  • Sat, 08:52: RT @OzKitsch: The end of a seven-decade Australian tradition: the Phantom comic showbag is no more https://t.co/qQ0UMg4Frw
  • Sat, 11:15: Caught short again. I thought bursting into tears and chain eating chocolate was just a reaction to impossible dead… https://t.co/vvTKrRGbPO
  • Sat, 11:19: Not to mention cold showers at 3am, losing count of the number of plumbers and sparkies called, documents that won'… https://t.co/2eIFc4JcdW
  • Sat, 11:21: Today though it's whisky and Netflix. The world (and certain people) can sod off. (Though like the Twilight Zone I… https://t.co/320XQyDq8B
  • Sat, 11:22: Very grateful to those who gave me the chocolate and the toasted buns. And the tote bag that arrived - so appreciated.
  • Sat, 11:23: Also, they have cartoon Trek on Netflix. Bwee!
  • Sat, 11:26: Now I can smile at the desperate crowd looking for eggs in choc aisle. Amateurs. The eggs were by the deodorant and… https://t.co/3VKha0huOS
  • Sat, 11:28: Also liked the quote from Iannuci about reality jumping the shark. Just so.
  • Sat, 11:28: RT @NGVMelbourne: If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.—Vincent…

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