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I just learnt that the colour of an egg depends on the colour of the chicken that laid it. So today hasn't been wasted. Thanks, Dr Karl!

It's a perfect winter's day: cold, pale blue sky, whipped up clouds and misty rain. I like it. It kinda reminds me of my holidays away in better places than this (a legacy of only ever being able to afford travel in February).

Yes, I was out at lunchtime, getting a sandwich as it happens, horrors. Egg and tomato, if you must know, for those who like to count my calories for me, which is just about everyone (it's amazing how people can pass judgement on my appearance in ways it'd be downright rude and illegal for me to respond to, especially if I decided to take issue with their sexuality, religion or ethnicity in return, but I am, happily, fair game, it seems. Sucks).

So I was hungry. I'd only had my one pear and water yesterday and as I got home so very late yesterday it was off to bed without any supper and I didn't have breakfast so the last time I'd really eaten had been Tuesday night and now it was Thursday lunchtime and I was feeling a bit peckish, as you do.

Yup. Worked from 6am to 8pm yesterday, almost all of it unpaid overtime. They're certainly getting their money's worth out of me before they bin me. The main problem was having to wait around for the contractor who arrived late in the evening and having to hang around as he demonstrated how to rejig the CMS. Not that I really absorbed anything by then, of course.

Now AP's friends are going to tut tut over the state of the house but it's so hard when I'm just too tired when I get home and nobody else ever cleans up (well, not that I notice). Sigh. Mutter. This is of course after the buses quit so I had to catch the bus that gets me halfway home and trek the rest of the way home in the rain, like some hard done by Victorian heroine.

At least my magpie greeted me, demanding his evening cracker, the cranky thing having stayed up well past his bedtime. He does love his crackers before retiring for the evening, in the sort of quirky behaviour that has you anthromorphising the creature and considering reincarnation. Magpie's best crackers, too, mind. I once tried to fob him off with a lesser cracker and he pulled out three of my succulents in a fit of picque. Gotta be the ones with the poppy and sesame seeds, nothing else would suffice. I had a cracker too, because they are rather nice.

And there I was wondering how I was going to stay up for Without A Trace. No problem, as it turned out (missed Who, Buffy and some of Angel).

After Jack (Adelaide, it's okay), Danny, Sam and Martin (hmmm...though we still don't know what Danny's real name is, and there's no more slashy goodness) it was Angel, S5. Man, I'm gonna miss that show. This time it was about a girlie werewolf and it was funnier with her having her time of the month, especialy as I was feeling more than a little growly and nasty myself - heh, maybe I need a cage, too :D No wait, we have those, they're called drugs and/or asylums, where they shove the severely pmessy.

The most amusing thing was that Dr Pholx seemed to have shown up on the wrong soundstage but had just gone with it anyway - giggle. Too bad they had to exit him, stage left, cause he would have made an amusing recurring character - he worked much better in Angel than on Enterprise or Stargate. I also loved the idea of the gourmands going after werewolves, because you read about what gourmands will eat, and only the fictional nature of werewolves makes it out of the question.

Someone made an interesting point online as to whether we'll ever see Gunn pay for his instantly acquired knowledge, as opposed to the hard earned knowledge everyone else worked to acquire the usual way. I hope it'll be messy and painful. I've not liked Gunn for several seasons now and Smug!Gunn is the worst incarnation yet.

Now you'd think I'd be hoping for a happy ending for Wes, but I just can't see it, alas, and it's not as if Joss is going to change the groove he's stuck in now.

After that I watched Miracles, which I keep enjoying in spite of myself (even before they put it on after Angel). And, whoa, sometimes the slash just hits you. Keel is dreaming of Paul, and frankly, who wouldn't be, and he's having nightmares of Paul leaving him for the bint and the whole episode has Keel being moody and cranky with Paul, flying into jealous and snitty fits of rage and finally acting out with the bimbo of the week. Whoa, taste the churning barely repressed passions, revel in the Cathloic guilt, delight in the needy, angsty jealousy.

Spot my favourite show of the night. You just can't beat a gothic Catholic show that wallows in homoerotism (Angel used to have that, so I suspect that was all from DG, because Miracles' one season is just dripping with angsty hairshirty goodness). I forgot to mention that an episode a few weeks back had JD from Mag7 in it as an American Civil War soldier. It really played like an unfilmed X Files episode, but I had no problem with that :D

I had Buffy this morning, the only worthwhile scene being Spike and Andrew on the riceburner together. Ah, the scene that launched a thousand LJ icons - grin. Man, I love Nathan, especially when he's being evil. And hello, preacher's collar with jeans? Been reading our Garth Ennis again, haven't we, Joss? :P

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