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My mother is such a technophobe the neighbours think we're Amish. Really.

Anyways, I've been off at Coldfusion boot camp all week. And it was bootcamp, except they should have flunked my arse on the first day, but obviously had to guarantee the pass so the poor guy was pretty much my code for me all week. I try and I try but I'm just not a programmer. Now if I could be a writer or a historian, I'd be okay. Speaking of which, poor Irene's gonna bite through her tongue when I mention one of my fellow students was from Harper Collins publishers and I entirely failed to network. Just couldn't, not with my self esteem still currently in sub-basement level 2. We disagreed on the LOTR movie anyway, and you never recover from that sort of ideological split. One of the other girls remembered me from uni. I was impressed. I don't remember anyone from uni, much.

So, the course was in the city, and oh boy, not missing that commute. Crammed for nearly two hours up the back of a stuffy non-halal cattle class bus from hell. I could barely breathe. I was coughed and sneezed on repeatedly (is there a smiley for swimming in flu bugs? cause I am). What a nightmare. The bus was so suffocating last night somebody popped the skylight, so we were freezing, but at least we could breathe. Normally it's a pretty view part of the way but the bus was so crowded the windows were all fogged up. I don't remember it being that bad before when I used to do it. I did get time for a morning cuppa in Starbucks though. Right down at the quay, and so sad that I was so happy to see it. It's in the 80s Commonwealth bank and it still has the old carpet. It's like having coffee in a 70s/80s bank foyer. Weird and entirely unaesthetic but I had my fave comfy chair, except yesterday when some business guy had it. He was drenched in some Japanese chick's flat white though so karma J.

So anyway, struggled as I did through my course I did manage to hash out some more of the plot for part 7 of my Ezra fic. Bad, bad Ezra. He's mean to poor Buck. (but oh, it's gonna be fun to write if I get a chance to write it out longhand before I forget it.) Much work today but I wanna go home early. I think my whole life has been spent anxiously awaiting opportunities for fic writing, snatching ten minutes here and there to commit pen to paper - before the scene in my head evaporates. Remind me, Chris recognises an emptiness in Ezra and then Ezra makes Buck cry, the bad boy. And there's a showdown between Ezra & JD. Somehow, somehow, the boys make it up. Need to work on that to make it convincing because there's a real falling out between several long time friendships. Crap, I need some quiet time to write this.



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