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when I get home it's late at night...

News? Not much. It rained yesterday. It's still raining today. What few plants I had left that hadn't frizzled up in the blistering heat are now well and truly drowned.

I hate February.

So, yesterday, work, work, work, trudge, trudge, trudge. Got absolutely soaked to the skin walking home from the bus, especially as my dear old brolly failed to deploy properly.

Put it this way, I came through the door I was so begraggled, cold and miserable as to prompt Bro to offer me a hot steaming cup of his new Ghirardelli White Mocha Cocoa powder (the only white powder, as far as I'm concerned). Do you have any idea how wretched I had to be to get Bro to prise the lid off his precious? Pretty damn wretched, I tell you.

So I had a hot shower and my GWM to warm me up, and slipped into my stripy pyjamas, which were still warm from being up the back of my wardrobe, so it was was like pulling them on fresh out of the dryer. Lovely.

So I snuggled down under my doona and, okay, so it's only 21C but that's bloody cold as far as I'm concerned and bloody cold after last week, and I could actually turn on my tv and the vcr without worrying about either them or me spontaneously combusting and I caught up on last week's Angel and Dead Zone, both of which I enjoyed. Then I caught Jack Davenport in This Life (bad Jack, heh) and that was it, Dear Reader.

Well, I said I was going to try living quietly this week. :D

In other news, while I'm trying to survive all day on my one pear and water, some fiend has put out a box of charity chocolates, and they are luring me with their siren call. I may have to lash myself to my seat to avoid temptation.

And finally, with apologies to John Mellion:

You can get it working
You can get it reading a book

You can get it watching telly
You can get it being a sook

You can get it calling someone a fat cow
Matter of fact, I've got it now.

A hard earned PMS deserves chocolate (and bloody lots of it!)...

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