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Just had a nice letter from Spring re my woes, and mutual Chris Isaak and Ray K drooling, so that's cheered me up a bit, as my errands at lunch were almost entirely unfruitful. I did score a Cult Times with Clark on the cover but I was actually after a folder to stick my report into, but, as usual, this shithole lacks in the basic ammenities.

I think once I get my site, all 400mb of it, onto cd I'll consider moving it. I wonder how much it'd cost to host my site & get a cable connection as my ISP is now in foreign hands and I'm not sure how long it will stay viable. I haven't got my CD yet so I'm still very nervously ill over the whole thing. I can't really download 400mb on a dial up connection, you know? But if you like stuff on my site, go and save it now. Cause if I can't afford to move it, that's it. Just when I was starting to finally get my work rcognised too. My life totally sucks.

I'm thinking I might excuse myself from some of my toxic friends, too. I mean, fancy telling me their services aren't for free halfway into the trip. It was just a one off favour. It's not like I use them as a taxi service (and at those rates, nor am I ever likely to). No, I think it best if I try to move away from cashbook friends. Especially as this is the same friend who said they were going out to dinner the day my Dad died. Not forgiven them for that, either. That's just really cold. They keep telling me I need to get a thicker skin and maybe I do but they could try being a little less mean. I really don't need people belittling me 24/7, which is what I've had lately. Too bad some of my best friends are overseas cause I could really use the company right now.

Better get back to it. Suddenly I have work up to my eyeballs. So much for sodding off early and going home and watching Buffy It was the invisible girl episode too. Just the way I feel.



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