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I've got a theory, it could be bunnies

Bunnies of all kinds.

I have got Tears for Fears stuck in my head, but that's what I get for watching Donnie Darko on cable last night. Such a weird and dark and depressing and curious yet involving film, and the soundtrack, oh boy, yummy yummy. Totally the soundtrack of my highschool years, she says, utterly dating herself in the process. But, oh, to hear the Bunnies again...luverly.

Which is why, no doubt, it's stuck in my head, as those songs were already bedded down as I trudged the very same streets all those years ago (talk about wandering about in circles and time travelling).

Still, I enjoyed my Monday night. After that there was QAF, actual writing (three hand scrawled B5 pages, whoo) and rembering to tape Roswell for a friend (bloody good thing they repeat it, is all I can say). Kyle is soooo the gay best friend, I just can't imagine why they just didn't make it text. He's a sweetie.

Oh, and it was Drew Barrymore night because she was on Conan, which I switched over to apres QAF for background noise while I scrawled, hunched over by the flickering blue-grey light of the tv (far too hot to put a lamp on as well). She was talking about dancing around in a bunnysuit for the Flaming Lips gig out here the other day. Yup, we're totally a satellite suburb of LA these days, seems like. And how strangely thematic a tv night. Fortunately my fic avoided bunny suits. Camp t-shirts, yes, bunny suits, no :D

Jack & Daniel. To see image, go to

Queen Daniel, mistress of all he surveys: Been having a discussion about Daniel pouting, simpering, sighing and throwing tanties in public, without which there'd be no slash (also having a discussion about the There's Something About Daniel hair in Beast of Burden, but I digress).

Yes, Jack can big a big ol crass and insensitive brute at times, as opposed to Daniel of the longing looks, but Jack's always played his emotions close and he has let his guard down on occassion, more so in the earlier seasons though, alas.

Jack's also a mission first guy, as well, which I don't think Daniel will ever, really get. Jack's flirting with Carter though, is quite unforgiveable once it crosses from playful to keeping both Sam and Daniel hanging on, and you know, even in the hugely Sam/Jack episodes, there's always a scene of Daniel gazing after Jack, as though he misses their exclusive friendship, if nothing else.

Of course, Daniel is a high strung, unpredictable, needy, whiny, high maintenance bitch so you can understand why Jack gets fed up at times, especially if Daniel is simpering in public (Jack gets in just as much trouble if he's the one sulking or pouting, mind). Never entirely professional, those two. Never entirely not in front of the Noncoms. And thank frell, because where would be the slash?

I dunno, I'm not entirely ready to write Jack off as the insensitive brute who tramples all over delicate Daniel's feelings just yet. Daniel ain't delicate, and he gives as good as he gets. Jack just isn't quite so demonstrative, but he's almost always there when it counts (but perhaps not as often as Daniel feels he needs it).

Yes, Jack appears to withold affection at times, which is the nastiest thing a partner can do to you, especially if they won't talk and tell you what you did wrong, either. Yes, Daniel appears to give into Jack more often, but he has to, Jack is in command, after all. In that situation it can never been an entirely equal partnership and it doesn't have to be, it doesn't make it any less of a relationship, just more prone to friction. Jack and Daniel are very different men, there are always going to be clashes. This doesn't mean that they don't love each other, though that love may wax and wane and be sorely tried at times. Hey, just like real life.

They've also been living in each other's pockets for seven years and been through heaven and hell, literally. Baggage has built up to form entire islands of landfill. There are issues, history, past mistakes, errors in judgement, misunderstandings. There have been crap times, and familiarity is happily breeding contempt, with the 'here he goes again' snipes. But you know what, deep down they still care, and they always will.

I mean, nothing could keep Daniel away from Jack, not even death. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.

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