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thursday's child has far to go

And by public transport, too, worse luck.

What a day, passed mostly in a befuddled haze of painkillers, to the bemusement of some, the annoyance of others. Evil Breeder ran off to "pick up the kids", which I'm sure is code for "off to the pub", leaving me to mind the store. Great, just what I wanted, an eleven hour day while I'm bleeding like a stuck pig and if I catch the flu from the crummy air-cond and exhaustion it'll be all my fault again, as usual.

And that was just the start of my troubles. All the trains were out, I mean, all of them, so trying to get on a bus was like trying to get on the last chopper out of Saigon, and nary an official in sight to at least give the appearance of order in the seething pit of cranky, sweaty humanity. So, stuffed up the back of a stuffy bus I was. I should have walked home, bugger bleeding to death.

Discovered that it was fortunate I'd chosen to wear my Docs that day (they keep my feet warm and I needed to keep my feet warm even though it was 37C or something) because if folks don't move when I say excuse me in a timid voice, out comes the She-Hulk and a-stomping we will go. It's amazing how effective a pair of DMs can be in convincing some moron to let you egress out the damn door.

Ordeal not over yet. Next there was the supermarket from hell, which is full of crazy, cranky people and never ever stocked with even the basics. I hear stories about bread queues in other countries and I think oh boo hoo, at least you have bread to queue for. It wasn't so bad when we had a butchers, two grocers, a baker, a deli and a fishmonger too, but now we just have the (less than) supermarket and if they're out, and they always are, they're out. Don't whine to me about how I should buy organic or free range produce, it's a 100km round trip to the nearest possible outlet and the buses don't run on Sunday. I'm a prisoner, and they know it.

So, found some stuff, never the same brands twice, always have to improvise, and cop lip off the old crone of a checkout chick. They didn't even have any Tia Maria Tim Tams, so there's another 100km round trip, oh joy.

Struggled up the hill under he heat with my groceries, really feeling quite faint by now. Made it home, somehow, feeling awful. Threw groceries in vague direction of kitchen and slopped off to bed (they were still there when I got up for a drink at midnight).

Because I went straight to bed, do not pass Go, etc, I managed to catch Charmed and Leo all toga'd up. Hello to the Xena ripoff, which they at least had the shame to admit to. Actually wrote during SVU (it's amazing what drugs and delerium will do for you) and saw patches of Hornblower - kind of dozed off in bits but saw poor Archie wither away heroically. Aw. Sniff.

They're playing the Dandy Warhols again. I love the Dandys but their latest effort is a Duran Duran cd by stealth if ever there was one. Bro finally saw the vid for The Last High so know he knows why I mutter the word heresy under my breath darkly whenever the subject comes up. Everytime the comparative statistic for the population of Planet Earth in 1981 scrolls across the screen, I giggle, though.

And twinge. Can it be really so long ago that I was so silly as those young girlie girls wetting their knickers over Orlando Bloom? I guess so. Mind you, Orly is totally playing into that whole frilly shirt thing that I imprinted on, which is dirty pool, as far as I'm concerned.

And you know you're reading too much POTC slash (especially when you've a thousand more important things to do) when someone uses the word savvy in an email and you go straight (ahem) to the happy Sparrow place. :D

Speaking of which... (see links to Jack Davenport pics below). I was lucky enough to catch Gypsy Woman again while I was off sick - Jack is so cute in that. And I've seen ads that This Life is going to be on UKTV. Bad hair Jack, but Jack nonetheless. Heh, there's a scene in This Life that I totally ripped off for this Alan/Billy fic I'm still bloody trying to finish. It's taking so long that I'll have seen all the things that have inspired or influenced it before I finish, no matter how unlikely (the seeing them again, not the ecclectic influences - that's a given). Ah, This Life was so controversial in its day. I wonder how dated it'll look. I'd write more Alan/Billy now but that Stinky Perfume woman is in today. Really, is it too strong when I can barely breathe at my desk? I'm thinking yes.

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