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Sorry, was off sick. Have a note from my mother :D.

You know, some folks screw up and get rewarded with a $14 million dollar payoff. I take two days off sick and I get yelled at. And what a two days. I'm getting too old for this shit, just too tired to put up with puking yellow slime for eight hours because the pain is so bad, ripping me apart inside, and I'm crying and begging for it to stop but it wouldn't so I just had to suck it up, grit my teeth and make it through, even though I broke in the middle, for the first time, ever. I broke, but that still wouldn't stop it. It's a vicious cycle when you're too sick to keep the pain killers down.

After that there was just a lot of lying around in grinding agony and feeling wretched. But I still made two tapes for mates. Finally got to see Evolution, part 2, which I'd been saving for just such an occassion (being too sick to work is what passes for my free time these days).

Unfortunately the disk had been scratched in transit, making some bits very Picasso indeed (so wonderfully abstract at times I thought I should take a screen cap and submit it as art), but the bits of sweaty Danny running about the jungle in tank top and overly tight jeans (hello, girls) were okay, and that's the main thing. Heh, that whole B plot reminded me soooo much of MacGyver, especially Danny's escape. Titter, titter. Did not like all the Sam/Jack though. Ewwww. Make them stop.

The other SG episode I watched was a Jonas Quinn episode. Nuff said. And it was a ripoff of the Core. Can they at least ripoff decent SF flicks? And what a cheek these TV writers have, to sniff at fic writers and say we're unoriginal. J'accuse.

Discovered that a cd of SG songvids a friend sent as swapsies for my con pics (an offer that's always open, btw) would play on my clever player. Neat. One vid was really low res so it was chunky cubist Stargate. Kinda reminded me of those old C64 games my ex used to play, you know, the ones where everyone looked like seriously old school Lego people, back when Lego people only had square yellow blocks for faces.

Speaking of Lego folks, did I ever tell you the time I showed off my Lego castle to a friend? I went off to the loo and came back to find all the heads of my little Lego outlaws mounted on pikes along the battlements, still all smiling merrily. It was creepy, sick and twisted, even by my standards. How horrid. Bad friend, no biscuit.

Otherwise I watched some Smallville, some Roswell for a friend, some Angel repeats and Buffy. I'm over the whole hating Buffy thing. No energy left for it, frankly. Besides, remembered who she reminded me of, who I hate, still, so very much. It wasn't hard, as I was standing in the very spot where said bitch had sent her minions to beat the living snot out of me.

Actually, that's not hard, either. I just walk home, take a step, and I'm standing where her minions beat me up, and then I take another step, the same, and so on and so forth until I get to the front gate. I had a really horrible childhood so when I say the last couple of days felt like being beaten shitless, trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about. And would that the beatings stopped at the front gate, but no. Small wonder I can't bear to be touched these days.

I still think Buffy's a bit of a bitka, though.

But I digress, and at least BtVS took mind mind off things, just for a bit. Didn't watch any tv on Tuesday. Kinda hard to, with your head in the toilet, but never mind. I did discover ol' Rodders in Seven Days last night. Walked in, heard that distinctive mumble and there he was, still looking mighty fine, I must say. Oh my, yes. And when are they going to release S:AAB on dvd, dammit? Damn, but I miss Cooper. Really, really. So that was fun. Entirely forgot about Lapaglia the elder and Mr Close until I switched over apres Seven Days and discovered Without a Trace on. New episodes next week, allegedly. Whee.

One thing about Angel, the whole Wolfram & Hart thing. Now that we see inside the beast, well, it's just a cute fluffy wuffy widdle kitten, ain't it. I mean, W&H can only aspire in their wet dreams to the sort of toxic, raping, destructive and just plain nasty policies that my employers get up to, which, obviously, I can't describe here, but trust me, they're so evil as to make Lilah weep, and I haven't even mentioned the darkly demonic blood letting and back stabbing that goes on here, especially on days when I'm off sick. I'm always judged and sentenced on the rare days I'm off sick. So, yeah, W&H? Complete pussies compared to where I work. Must try harder, W&H.

So it kind of ruins it, seeing this supposedly super evil workplace that isn't an electron-microscopic spot on the evil that is my workplace. I mean, they get a tea area and tea breaks at W&H. Evil, my arse. I bet they even have water coolers, sniffle.

Oh, lookit, I just won another competition. Free tickets to Underworld. Er, um, thanks, I think. Yep, couldn't be to a fillum I actually wanted to see, now, could it. Sigh. This is what I get for, well, everything, I guess. Still, better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick, I suppose, or, considering how much this film leaves me cold, maybe it's on par with same. Sigh. Mutter.

On a happier note, Arnotts are now making Tia Maria flavoured Tim Tams. Accepting orders now...

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    Set in 1961 Wyoming, the film tells the touching tale of two ranch hands who meet and, while chewing the odd bit of tobacco and lassoing errant sheep, fall into a passionate love affair. Not generally known for their support of gay rights, the other cowboys are hardly sympathetic and the lovers must overcome prejudice and intolerance as they try to explore their relationship surrounded by a machismo-infused culture of rodeos, drinking and barroom brawling. Gyllenhaal has been lined up to play Jack, while Ledger would play Ennis.

    The tasty twosome are the latest in a long line of dishy actors to be linked with the project since it was announced last year. Colin Farrell, Josh Hartnett and Billy Crudup have also been mentioned for the roles at one time or another - a sign, perhaps, that unwillingness by studly young actors to take on openly gay roles is becoming a thing of the past.


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