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  • Sun, 18:25: Meanwhile I caught the evil neighbour hosing down my washing. My last fucks have left the building.
  • Sun, 18:27: I mean, I love art, I love books, but humans I am tired of. An hour in rhe drier fixed the problem but still
  • Sun, 18:28: Last week I was in years because the plants ripped out that I tried to replant and save were dead sticks. And they still are.
  • Sun, 18:30: Except one, my beloved peach tree. It lives!! It must have needed the salt of my tears. Lookit! Blossoms! Now! Tod…
  • Mon, 06:27: RT @GeneticJen: I see hundreds of great comics, images, memes etc about climate change every year and still nothing has surpassed this. It'…
Tags: #auspol, #burgerproject, #exp, #marriageequality, #voteyes, #yesforequality, #yeswithlove, twitter

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    Mon, 13:44: RT @ MrTimDunn: Wouldn’t the world be such a more interesting place - if only more of us felt able to ask & show & tell…

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    Sun, 18:59: RT @ met_greekroman: Glass beaker, 1st half of 1st century A.D. #metmuseum #themet

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    Sat, 13:16: RT @ CSIRO: Yes, it's true what they say, better the (thorny) devil you know. 😈 The sharp spine of the thorny devil makes it…

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