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storm warning

Another fourteen hours, another, no, wait, this was unpaid overtime again. Bugger. Worked back so late I missed the last bus. The only bus now running will only take me as far as the suburb next to mine. Wouldn't mind the walk but I'm wearing girlie shoes that are not a friend to the heels, toes or sprained ankle and not made for a 3km slog cross country. Better yet, as the bus pulls out there's a mighty crack of thunder overhead and the rain comes down like someone has just upended a swimmming pool. Everyone races around to slam shut all the windows which were all open on the hot and airless little bus, even the driver who has pulled over to push up the skylights and stop the flood. We're ankle deep in water and we're inside the bus.

The bus ploughs on, throwing up two metre bow waves over the footpaths and I relish the walk home. Weirdly, by the time I get home it's all sunny and blue skies again but the birds are gone, the sudden storm, and it hailed at home, having caught them quite unawares. Oh well, at least I missed walking home in hail. That really would have been too much martydom for this gal to bear.

Miss Doctor Who though, and it was War Games, one of my absolute favourites and not as yet released on dvd. Damn and blast.

Oh. My. God. Bad enough that there exists an entire universe of fic that has the Magnificent Seven (or men sharing their names, at least) operating out of an ATF office, but I've just stumbled across some Pirates fic set around an...IRS office? How sick and tortured is that? You people are so wrong. You need help. Please stop. Ack and ack again.

What, pray tell, is so wrong about setting fan fic in the historical period in which the source material is set? I mean, do you not love all the frocks and wigs and muskets and research? If the answer is no, bugger off back to the NSync fic you obviously came from. Hmph. (Okay, yes, I know, I put Sharpe in modern day dress but that was playing in the Highlander universe and as such, it was part of the mythology, it was expected).

I mean, okay, sometimes it can be done and done well, but very rarely. Mostly, it just smacks of laziness and a need to play with paper dolls in their own backyard, because Character X just loves the special at the local restaurant they're about to name drop. Sigh and sheesh. Real life should flavour fic, this I feel, but not to the extent that these paper doll versions of beloved characters are just doing guest spots in their own (deeply insular) lives. It just doesn't work for me. I want to read about them, not some bint from some American suburb, not unless said bint's life involves more than the gym and the mall and these really amazing scented candles they bought the other day. It's Mary Sue by stealth, I tell you. Flee for your lives.

Did read some great Jack/Norrington, which was what I was after, but as usual, the authors I like never append an url to their posts so that I may rec them. Pity.

Watched Buffy last night. Buffy gave yet another your all suck and are useless and I have to do everything myself speeches, which is rude and insulting and unfair by season 7, considering just the number of times Xander has risked his very mortal and unsuperpowered life in saving the world. Remember season six, just for example, UberBitch? Sheesh, that blonde bimbo is annoying and so up herself it's a wonder she doesn't vanish in some hideous vacuum. The Scoobies obviously have the love, tolerance and patience of bonafide saints.

Meanwhile on the Guardian they have a homeless guy scrawling 'Believe' all over the city. Cough. Okay, I'll let it slide as they have the grace to employ at least one Aussie, and Simon looks just so bloody Australian, it just cracks me up at times. You never really realise how American Americans look and act, and react, and, well, what passes for acting on US tv anyway, until you see your own countryman up on the screen and you get all the non verbals and you realise if there are any American non verbals (given the current botox rage, I'm thinking not so much), you're missing them entirely. Ain't anthropology grand?

Oh, just read a really lovely piece of fic by a friend. When she posts it online I will tell you about it. It made my lunchbreak.

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