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  • Tue, 12:43: RT @cathywilcox1: A brief summary. My @smh cartoon.
  • Tue, 12:54: RT @NASA: Numerous arches of magnetic field lines danced & swayed above a large active region on the Sun, July 17-18:
  • Wed, 05:35: I think I've got all the spiders out of my hair. No, wait. A day in the life of me. I went the full Worzel, twigs sticking out and all.
  • Wed, 05:36: I was scrabbling to rescue statues and pots before the 60 yr old garden and trees are ripped out by formal order of the neighbours.
  • Wed, 05:38: They park in our drive, they lean their ladder against the carport so I guess that's next. They throw rubbish over the fence.
  • Wed, 05:39: It's all been rezoned you see and I must be made to sell up to these pirates. No way. I will find beauty in bare earth and weeds.
  • Wed, 05:45: RT @qikipedia: Red sprites over the English Channel. They mysteriously occur above large thunder storms and last for milliseconds. (Image:…
  • Wed, 05:53: RT @NASA: From his vantage point aboard @Space_Station, @Astro2fish shared photos of this glowing green aurora: htt…
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    Sun, 14:09: RT @ aardvarsk: Same guy who wrote the song “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka is the same guy who wrote Nina Simone’s banger…

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    Sat, 18:27: RT @ wisetuna: 🎶 It’s Friday! “Time to straighten right out… ahhh, ahhh…” - The Specials - A Message to You, Rudy - 1979 #ska

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    Fri, 13:02: Ooh, I've this one 😍 Fri, 13:08: RT @ MarcDavenant: San Carlo Restaurant in the snow, New York in…

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