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we used to be frinds

I'm singing. It's the day after a public holiday and I'm singing. What gives? He's away today. Fearless Leader is away today. One last day's reprieve. I'm instructed to answer his phone but I told him I'd already put the word out he wouldn't be in today. He was somewhat...what's the word? Disturbed? Perturbed? Pre-empted?

Heh. Comes of being a student of human behaviour. Most people jump the way I think they're going to jump. Very few upsets, and I usually only get upset if they jump they way I thought they would, despite my hopes that they wouldn't, just this once, for whatever reason, like folks betraying me or hooking up with yet another wrong guy, that sort of thing.

Speaking of folks, went to a fillum on Friday night with some folks I'd not seen in ages. We used to be friends, etc, etc. Usually my friends dump me because my behaviour is beyond the pale, but this time we're talking quite the opposite. These are some of the folks who made my father's death just that bit more painful and difficult (cf Buffy S5). Of course a thoughtless act is never given a second thought so it's just me picking at the scab and my issues alone, get over it, etc, and I really tried put it all behind me, fixed a grin on my face, and tried to be fun to be with.

Didn't really suceed, my fault again, especially as I had to dash away immediately upon exiting the theatre, only having five minutes in which to catch my bus or it was an hour's wait in the thunderstorms with scary chaps who make the demons Buffy usually slays look like complete pussies. So, good excuse, I thought, but mein hosts probably thought me rude. Shrug.

Besides, I wanted to get home in time to see Queer as 18th Century Folk, and I just squeaked in under the line (I'd not set the tape, unaware I had plans in the offing). It was hilarious, educational and vastly entertaining. Not overly po faced or political, which I feared it might be. Just a wistful recounting of the good old days, with tongue firmly in cheek (and other places).

Oh, the fillum I went to see was Underworld. The trailers looked cool but the movie both sucked and blowed. You can tell the director does music videos. It was very that and nothing else. I've seen ads with more plot and character development. And the actors, well, John Tracy could act them off the screen, quite frankly. It was sort of like Kindred: the movie, only less so. They seemed to be in too much of a hurry to explain much of the plot, as if that trick works with anything other than idiot children (the prime demographic, obviously). Basically, it was a there's two hours of my life I'm not getting back kind of situation.

Saturday featured Slayerfest 6 but I was too busy working to watch much, sorting out crap to throw out. I could go ebay but it's too time consuming - I feel I need to be leaner, and quickly, so recycling and charity bins it is.

Sunday was the same, only I missed most of the Hottest 100 too. Never have time to stop or slow down or breathe. Always working, always busy, because people expect it of me.

Australia Day 2004Australia Day 2004
Australia Day 2004Australia Day 2004

Monday we went off to see the ballons again and it sucked. It was hot and steamy and it rained and there were no stalls of interest and small children and dog shit everywhere and then while shopping on the way home some bastard rammed me with a trolley full of fifty litres of coke, because he thought I was in his way. I was actually waiting for a woman with another 50 litres of coke in a trolley to be served in the supposed express lane ahead of me so I got slammed between two trollies, hard (mass plus motion) and they both yelled at me like it was my fault. I paid for my goods and fled home in tears and bruises.

Locked myself in my room and watched Invisible Man and Slayerfest 6 and just watched tv without doing anything but finishing off my melty birthday chocolates. This was much better and the constant pricking of my horrible life receded beyond my little coccon of Buffyness. Watching all the last few episodes slammed together, I picked up on stuff I'd missed, and noticed silly things, like the Sunnydale police always flagrantly disobeying their own parking rules - no cop car ever parked inside the lines marked out - it amused. And how come Willow can't bring Tara back but brings back Buffy in the next scene, and why would the Ambos need to have the siren on in a quiet suburban street and, oh well, repeating to myself it's just a show :D

And one could make oneself quite sick on chocolates for everytime somebody walked along, looking all heartbroken, to the strains of Sarah McLachlan or something, or how many times dues ex machina gets a workout. Bonus chocolates if they've ripped off or even just mention a comic or film (count the X-Men and Star Wars references as to do with going dark). Yep, I was very sticky fingered by the end of it. But happy on a sugar high.

Thought a few things but wrote nothing. Oh well.

I think I was just really sulky because I'd planned to be in the UK right now, taking advantage of the cheap air fares as I can only afford to fly now, right now, and Fearless Leader forbade it and phoning the rellies just didn't do it, especially as a brusque phone manner appears to be gentic, and so I was just so bloody miserable. All weekend, and nothing would shift it. Except the Buffyverse and a bit of chocolate.

More BTVS questions: How come precious few Buffy/Spike songvids (that I've seen) use footage from anything earlier than season 6? As if S2 couldn't be considered foreplay, in hindsight. Or actual sight. I thought Buffy and Spike would be cute, but one should be careful for what one wishes for, because I hated it, loathed and despised it. Spike became a pussy and, well, Buffy has always been a bitch. Thank goodness Riley, at least, moved on. In fact, he's pretty much the only one too, aside from Parker who is as much a sociopath as Buffy is. I mean, poor Willow, loses Tara, goes off her nut, and everyone's like 'oh behave', as if they're all perfect and somehow it's still all about Buffy. Grrr. Too bad they don't film in the Summer because she just screams Aries or some other fire sign. At least Willow and Xander actually got lines and, ye gods, story arcs.

Poor neutered Spike. He used to be so cool, then he turned all pathetic, as everyone kept telling him. Poor unable to take the hint Spike. Angel had redemption thrust upon him but Spike, he wants to be a real boy, and Miss UberBitch still puts him down. The rape scene was extremely out of character and out of nowhere, but my gosh, she deserved a good fonging as Wat would say (last screening of Knight's Tale, sniff, whimper). Yup, not a huge fan of the Buffy and Spike show. Never mind, there were other things to amuse (fer once, amazing how one appreciates season six in light of seven) like the introduction of Andrew. Love the Andrew (even though nerdy characters are a hard sell in sci fi, mocking the core audience as they do). Loved how Riley, free of the Uberbitch, was suddenly all cool and just, girly swoon, wonderful, instead of the boring, whiny lump he was in season five. Taking notes, Spike? Yep, it's the Buffy syndrome, she's the biggest vampire there is, sucking the life from interesting characters. But I digress. Amy was deratted, the less said about the musical the better and Giles returned, all growed up and cool (again free of the Buffy suck - she's like a life force draining black hole).

Never mind. I had fun visiting with Willow, Xander, Tara, Andrew, Jonathan, Giles, Anya and even Spike. I'm also relieved to learn that EvilChannelSeven will be playing Angel from 11th February, allegedly. I wasn't exactly sure this was a certainty and that we wouldn't have to wait five years to see it on Foxtel (barring Angel via the post, of course), so that's cool, though I hear it's the Spike Show now. Oh well. And ack, check out those dark purple clouds hoving into view. Might not get to that promised web or dvd stuff tonight, either. Screw it.

Didn't sneak any fic writing either, today, as hoped for (though Billy has yet to let me in on his miraculous escape, the cagey bastard). They moved this woman into the vacant desk next to me and she not only reeks of throat choking perfume, but cracks her knuckles - two things guranteed to drive me NUTS! Look for her messy death on the news, any day now (and she's only been here for about four hours or so). Arrrgh.

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