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I am in a very silly mood today, as evidenced by my wearing my bright red Monkey t-shirt, you know, the one that makes folks stop and stare, and not in a good way, as opposed to my usual dull and sensible k-mart blouses as I'm supposed to.

Blame it on Big Bertha, the mutha of a bad ovary that had me writhing in terrible agony yesterday and all last night, but today I feel like a lunatic teenager, though I look sadly middleaged and sad sacked in the mirror. Of course, it's going to turn dark and nasty and ugly, hormone wise, but right now, wheee!

Besides, I thought I'd mark the year of the monkey. I'm silly like that. Of course, I bet today is the day some suit comes around. I mean, I'm just asking for it.

I just can't help being silly or wicked at times (especially when I'm bored, restless and put upon). I do try to keep my eccentricities locked tightly away, bolted fast under heavy steel plates, but occassionally I slip free of the leash and then, well, it's mopping up and damage control, isn't it. Sigh.

Meant to post my superboy fic yesterday, but not with the storms that rolled around all night. That was one impressive storm front yesterday and it came stright at my window, a huge wave of black cloud and large tree-like trunks of lightning stalking across the land towards me like giant white ents. One particularly thick column of lightning slammed down set off a big fire that was really going. Very impressive. Got to watch all the firetrucks run after it. I also saw ball lightning. At least it was round and super bright and freaky and, wow. Cool.

When the storm hit it hit so hard I saw leaves, rubbish and pidgeons swirl up to be thrown past the windows in the mighty updraft and my window rattled and shook and bowed in so much even my pot plants cringed as I thought it was going to blow, but it didn't, somehow. I just sat and watched the storm and watched the little tv aerial on the hotel opposite take about twenty hits. I just gave up all pretence of working just to sit back and watch. It was very cool. Besides, they owe me at least six hundred worked through teabreaks, so screw 'em.

Still, sitting on the story for a day gave me the chance to give the supberboy smut another much needed going over before I post it. Okay, now I think it's ready to go. Of course, all this immersion in the life of Clark has made me quite the fan again so I'm spewin' over missing last Saturday's episoode. Anyone know where I could download it? Not that I can, with my fetid copper 14.4 connection, but, like some classic MASH episode, I could bribe a friend who could bribe a friend to maybe download it onto disk for me. Hello, Cousin D - grin. This is what you get for saying I could ask for something, if I wanted to.

I know what you're thinking, just quit yer damn whining and buy a damn ADSL connection. Yes, I should, but you don't see me muttering about the cheap bastards I tape stuff off cable for. Well, not to their faces, anyway - grin. To buy ADSL I'll have to give up my mobile - no probs, I've no friends left anyway, and my comics, well, bar Hellblazer I think I can do that. Will probably have to halve my dvd consumption again, too. Sigh. Possibly. Though I'd rather buy dvds than waste time and money on a squinty vision version that took three days to download. Maybe I should just be patient. Wait for it to show up on dvd (come on WB, get a move on) or repeat on Fox8 or TV1 or wherever it shows up, hopefully slightly less butchered. :D

I did manage to watch Buffy and Angel last night. Well, most of them, anyway. It was one of the few good last Buffy episodes, probably because Willow and Xander actually got lines. I like it when Willow and Xander get lines. When Buffy hogs the screen, I just read a magazine. What can I say, I just really don't like Buffy and they never really redeemed her self absorbed ice bitch American princess incarnation. I guess some people never really change, sacred destiny or no. Loved Willow's teasing though while she was rolling up the socks. Ah, dear Willow, always my favourite. So weird she's hitched to my other absolute favourite, Wes, off being all dark avengery and mean and moody and very Frank Miller Dark Knight. Mmmmmm, oh, yes please. Made Faith look like a good girl. Ah yes, gotta love the Faith. She rocks, always. No time for middle class naval gazing for Faith, she's always straight down to business. I like that.

Heh. It amuses me that friends and family are starting to know what I consider blogworthy:
"I take it the item in today's 'column 8' about ROTK at the drive-in is on its way to your blog?"

You betcha :D :
Column 8, SMH: Scott Seddon, manager of the Heddon Greta Drive-in (Motto: "If you don't like the movie . . . slash the seats") reports: "The following email from a member of the public was received here: Your movies page said that ROTK is screening at 8:30, it doesn't say if it's am or pm. Lord give me patience - and hurry."

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