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Fic: Smallville rated [MA] part 1/2

Yes, I know, but while Billy muse figures out what he wants to do with the raptors, I thought I'd work on this, and, bugger me, if I haven't nearly finished it. Nothing special, but better than nowt.

Title: Smalltown Boy
Author: Hellblazer
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Disclaimer: Homage, no rights infringement intended
Status: Complete
Category: Clark deflowering, some angst, some hurt, some comfort.
Spoilers: Some Season One references.
Summary: Two Households, etc, etc, etc.
Notes: Mostly written sometime during Season One, or at least, the version our local channel deigned to screen, and set during same.


It had been going on for months now. Lex would quietly park his car in a stand of trees and walk up the drive of the Kent's farm, bypassing the house entirely and sneaking up to the barn where Clark would be waiting.

At first they'd just been newly formed friends, Lex commiserating Clark on his lack of success with women, Lex offering his advice. Soon their discussions had moved to other topics: astronomy, philosophy, politics. Clark was still so new to the world and Lex found his naivete and fire refreshing. They began to regard each other as a brother, and had begun to share memories, confidences that they'd never told anyone else.

Lex had begun bringing a hip flask and curious, Clark had begun stealing nips of vodka. Not enough to get him drunk, just enough to get him loose and talkative. Just enough to break through some of the walls Clark kept throwing up, whenever he thought somebody was getting too close. Just enough for him to babble on about Lana while Lex listened indulgently.

"It's not the end of the world, Clark," Lex chided softly, amused at Clark's adolescent angst. Ah, if a snub from a pretty girl at high school had been the most of his worries at sixteen. Clark didn't know when he was lucky.

Clark, moody and churlish, sulked at Lex's apparent indifference and rummaged in Lex's pockets for the hip flask he knew was there and that would make its usual appearance later in the evening as the sun set, as Lex grew mellow.

"Hey," Lex batted him off, laughing. "That tickles."

Clark ignored him, determined to drown his sorrows.

"Hey, easy, soldier." Lex snatched back his silver flask, seeing half of it start to disappear down Clark. He'd expected a cough or a splutter but no, Clark was quite prepared to drain the thing like it was Gatorade.

Lex could see now that Clark was actually upset, and not just pouting for the sake of it, introspective little beast that he was, and Lex grew serious, sliding forward on the old weathered couch.

"It really isn't the worst thing that can happen," he reminded his friend.

"Thanks," Clark threw back at him, still feeling mocked and teased. "Now give me the lecture about there being plenty other fish in the sea, or tomorrow is another day."

Lex chuckled. "Well, there are, and it is."

Clark shot him another look.

"You're going to tell me I'm sounding like you're father, aren't you," Lex realised with mild horror.

Clark lit up with a wicked grin. Well, it was almost worth it, for that.

"If she can't see your charms, my friend, she's blind as well as stupid, and therefore not worthy of the day's catch," Lex charmed, his arm sliding around Clark's incredibly broad shoulders and giving him a quick, companionable hug.

He drew back, resting his hand on the back of Clark's neck for a moment, rubbing slightly.

"My god, you're wound as tight as a piece of hardwood. You shouldn't let people get to you so much, Clark." Lex murmured, his voice dropping in concern. He angled around so he could rub at Clark's shoulders with both hands and Clark leant back against him, eyes closed, almost purring.

"Like that?" Lex smiled.

"Mmmm," Clark smiled, eyes still closed. Must be all that vodka kicking in at last on an empty stomach. He'd never relaxed enough to be touched like this before. He'd always drawn away.

Lex moved down his spine, hindered by Clark's shirt, and Clark just pulled the offending material over his head and tossed it aside, rubbing up against Lex's hands. Oh yeah, definitely the vodka now.

Overcome with the sensation of a warm and half naked Clark squirming in his hands, Lex bent and touched a light kiss to the back of Clark's neck. He waited for Clark to pull away, to scream at him and throw him out, but neither of them moved for the longest moment and Lex, never one to back down, kissed Clark harder, a deep sucking kiss against his skin that finally drew a reaction from Clark. A soft mewing and Clark turning in his arms, Clark, eyes still closed, finding his lips, Clark's mouth opening under his. Lex found Clark's hand, trying to communicate a question. Clark's hand closed firmly around his, answering it, and Lex gently but firmly pushed Clark down against the couch, deepening their hasty, hungry kisses. Hands travelled along limbs and grabbed at skin. Clark twisted under him, eager and hard already, digging into Lex's hip, so hard Lex imagined himself ending up with bruises.

"Hey," he tried to slow Clark down, pushing him back, running a hand through those unruly black locks, but Clark was having none of it. Years of repression were ready to blow, and Lex was more than happy to facilitate. He rubbed his palm over Clark's bulging crotch, laughing as Clark's eyes nearly rolled back into his head. He was cute. Lex wanted to savour the moment but he knew one more touch like that and Clark would explode in his hands.

Lex grinned, nipping at Clark's bare chest, watching Clark writhe. The kid was so damned sensitive. Clark lay back on the couch, closing his eyes as Lex kissed him. This was the furthest they'd ever gone, as Lex's hand traced down Clark's bare chest, and they were about to go further.

Clark's hips rose as Lex popped the buttons on his jeans and slid the zipper down. He stifled Clark's mouth with his own and plunged his hand down inside those jeans. Nice.

Lex's tongue was stroking deep in his mouth. Clark gasped into Lex's mouth as he felt Lex's hand slide into his pants, skimming over his balls and then...Clark's eyes snapped open.

Lex laughed softly.

"Easy, tiger. Just lie back and let it go. Ssssh..." Lex soothed, placing tender kisses over Clark's heart. "Sssh," he murmured again, watching Clark's eyes close and his head roll back. Lex smiled, watching Clark twist and arch on the couch under his touch, stroking long and slow, then faster and faster.

"You've been hiding from me, Clark," Lex purred in his ear, one hand curled around Clark's more than adequate cock. "Come for me."

Clark whimpered as Lex sucked on his bottom lip, then his jaw, then all the way down to where he burned like fire. Lex's kiss tore through him like electricity.

"Come for me," Lex whispered again. He covered Clark's mouth with a kiss as Clark pushed hard into his fist and the hot liquid spilled over his fingers. Clark just exploded in his hand, dripping all over the place.

"Fuck, Clark,"' Lex laughed. "How long have you been saving that up? Since Christmas?" Lex teased, laughing, nuzzling just below Clark's jawline.

"Forever," Clark managed to swoon, lost to sensation. Clark came back to earth, breathing fast.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Lex teased, kissing him again. He traced Clark's full, red lips with his fingertip, slipping his finger in and letting Clark suck upon the tip, just like he'd felt Lex do to him. Lex closed his eyes. Oh god, yes. Not yet, though. His arm reached under Clark and pushed his hips up slightly, pushing past the underwear that kept getting in the way, just brushing Clark, just there, and Clark's eyes opened wide.

"Sssh, just relax...there..." Lex wriggled in slowly and found the spot. Clark thrust up against him, spilling warm seed again and they kissed hungrily, duelling tongues as Lex fucked him with his finger. Oh god, this was good. Clark was so hot, so eager, so tight. He felt like a virgin. No way, he couldn't really be, could he?

Lex grinned above him. Of course he could.

"You think that's good, wait'll I show you -" Lex never had the chance to finish. Strong arms ripped him from Clark and threw him across the floor. A second fist hard in his face kept him down.

Lex rolled onto his side, trying to get up, bleeding. He laughed, mocking the outraged father.

"You! Stay away from my son and stay off my land!" Jonathan turned to a mortified Clark who was trying to cover himself up on the couch. "And you, stay away from him."

Lex stood, allowing Clark the privacy to dress as Jonathan turned to him, breathing hard, fists still ready.

"You touch me again and I'll have your farm," Lex warned, his eyes burning ice cold for a split second.

"You touch my son again and I'll have you arrested. He's barely sixteen years old."

Lex smiled again. "You won't arrest me, or you'd be calling the police already, and then everybody'd know Clark was different from other boys, wouldn't they."

Both Clark and his father winced visibly, as if struck.

Lex saw it and pressed his advantage. "Do you really want your son's first real sexual experience to turn into a media circus? Farmboy fucks billionaire's son. It'll play on E! for weeks."

Jonathan fumed and Lex retreated a few steps, still smiling. "I didn't think so." He paused at the top of the steps. "Besides, what Clark wants to do, it's not illegal in Metropolis."

"This isn't Metropolis."

"No, it really isn't," Lex agreed. "There's no scene for Clark to hang with. Stuck out here, he's an outcast, a social misfit, not one of the boys."

"My son is not gay!" Jonathan raged.

Lex said nothing. He just slowly licked the last vestiges of Clark's seed from his fingertips, purring slightly, in front of Clark's father, making the poor man nearly crumple with the realisation.

"Mmmm..." Lex was giving him the gold label performance. "You can really taste that country corn fed goodness."

Jonathan snapped, pushing Lex so hard he nearly fell back down the steps.

"Dad! No!" Clark cried out in anguish as Lex managed to catch the railing and steady himself.

Jonathan stood over Lex, shaking with fury. "You take your filthy and disgusting city ways off my land and you stay away from my son." Jonathan fumed. He turned on Clark, who cowered on the couch.

"And you - you stay away from him and stay in your room. You're grounded until doomsday."

"You can't ground me," Clark protested, more of a threat than a complaint.

"Clark, go," his father demanded.

Clark and Lex exchanged a long look: Lex's eyes alight with mischief, Clark's with rebellion.

"Now," Jonathan demanded, and the two boys went their separate ways, leaving Jonathan alone in the deserted barn that still smelt of sex, the couch cover damp with stains.

An hour later Jonathan was hunched over a cup of cold coffee at his kitchen table, looking as lost as Martha had ever seen him. She covered his hand with her own, put he pulled it away.

"We've known we've had to face this, for a while now," she reminded quietly. "Our son isn't really human. Maybe this is normal for him, or maybe he was just experimenting, like any kid his age."

Jonathan shot her a panicked look.

Martha smiled at his discomfort slightly. "Don't tell me you and your friends on the football team never -"

Jonathan looked stricken.

"We did but -"

"It wasn't with a Luthor?"

He nodded miserably, swallowing hard. "Two teenagers fumbling about I could probably understand, but he's older than Clark, and a lot more experienced, and he -"

"Seduced him?"

"It's not right."

"I agree."

Jonathan looked at her, shocked. "But?" he asked, reading her face.

"Maybe it's for the best."

Jonathan pushed back from the table, not believing he was hearing this.

"How can you say that? My god, Martha."

"Jonathan, listen to me," Martha tried to calm him. "You know Clark's had a crush on Lana."

"Yeah, what -"

Martha took a deep breath in and out. "I'm just saying maybe he shouldn't. Shouldn't have a crush on Lana. He's not from this world. We don't know - what if he got her pregnant -"

"He'd be careful."

"Accidents happen," Martha insisted, reminding him. "What if Clark got a girl pregnant, what then? We don't know what would happen, even if he could father a child. What would happen to the child or the mother? Would the child be human, or some hybrid? What if it doesn't look normal? What if it dies? What if it kills the mother?"

"What are you saying?" Jonathan was reeling.

"I'm just saying it might be better if Clark were gay, in the long run."

"No," Jonathan wrenched away from her, horrified.

"Jonathan'" she tried to soothe.


Upstairs in his room, Clark heard every word. By the time Jonathan stalked up the stairs to speak to him, he was long gone, the curtains fluttering in the empty breeze.


Lex poked at his cut lip tenderly, then poured himself more vodka, into his heavy cut crystal tumbler. The alcohol stung his lip but he didn't really care. A sudden breeze and the bang of a door startled him from his thoughts. Damn if his father hadn't packed up and shipped over a couple of ghosts to go with the castle.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" he asked the empty room as he poured himself yet another drink. "Mr Kent, if that's you I must inform you that you are trespassing on private property."

"Do you want me to go?" asked a quiet voice from the shadows, accompanied by the vision of Clark as he moved into the light.

"No, but if your father finds you here he'll have me arrested."

Clark walked right up to Lex, plucked the glass from Lex's hand, swallowed the remaining liquid quickly and put the glass back down before moving in to kiss Lex, quickly and passionately with sweet tasting lips.

"I don't care what my father thinks. I'm old enough to make my own choices," Clark insisted before grinding another kiss into Lex to make his point.

"I can see that." Lex gently disengaged himself from Clark and took a step back. "But you can't stay here."

Clark pouted for a moment. "Then take me somewhere else," he demanded, planting another crunching kiss on Lex, hands groping and scrabbling over Lex, one rubbing hard over Lex's rising interest.

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard," Clark laboured, pressing up against Lex. "I want to feel your big, thick cock inside me."

"Clark," Lex laughed softly. "What a filthy mouth you have." He met Clark's eyes. "And you're drunk. I won't -"

Clark shut him up, fucking Lex's mouth with his tongue while his hand almost rubbed through the fabric of Lex's trousers.

Oh, shit, he was going to come right here if Clark didn't stop. Lex grabbed him and pushed him away, making him stop for a moment.

"You want this?"


"You're willing to come with me?"

"You mean run away?" Clark suddenly panicked again.

"Haven't you already?" Lex countered.

Clark took only a moment to decide.

"Yes, I'll go anywhere, do anything you want." He was all over Lex again. "Anything."

Sweet fucking hell, the kid was all quivering hormones and wet lips.

"Not here," Lex begged, breaking free again. One more moment and he'd succumb and he didn't feel like waking up to find Clark's father standing over him with a shotgun.

He tossed Clark his car keys.

"Here, get the motor running. I'll be there in a minute."

That was all the time Lex needed to throw a few things in a bag. Anything else could be procured later.

Clark was impatiently revving the car when he arrived in the garage.

Lex threw his bag in the back seat and Clark began to accede the driver's seat.

"No, you drive," Lex offered, and Clark's eyes went wide.

Lex laughed, Clark was so cute when he was excited.

They roared out of the garage, squealing down the drive. They laughed together, pushing the car as fast as it would go down the private road.

Lex had expected Clark to be overwhelmed by the power of the car, but Clark was in complete control, mastering the car quickly and driving it hard, pushing it to its limits. Fiercely beautiful in his concentration, Clark took the curve onto the main road like a pro, changing down like he'd been driving LeMans for years, and roared off, keeping the needle precisely fifty above the speed limit. Lex was in awe. Clark was in full flight, angry and snarling and yet in complete command of the car and the road and his destiny, and it was a thing of terrible beauty. Lex had never seen this side of Clark before, this dark, powerful side. He'd suspected it was there, hidden deep, but he'd never imagined just how intensely arousing just the sight of it could be.


"Certainly, Mr Luthor. Your room is ready as requested. Do you require a porter?"

Lex smiled his reptilian smile. "No thanks, that won't be necessary."

Clark was standing in the middle of the marble and brass lobby gawping exactly like the farm boy he was. He'd never seen anything like this: it was like the interior of some Babylonian temple. Huge columns surrounded him, thrusting up thickly to spray out against the vaulted ceiling in scrolling waves.

"You call this keeping a low profile?" he hissed to Lex.

"It buys a certain amount of discretion."

"Discretion, right," Clark teased upon entering their suite, seeing the table already set up for dinner for two, with champagne and candles reading and waiting as Lex tipped off the bellboy.

"You hungry?" Lex asked.

"Yes." Clark closed the door shut and leant against it, fire in his eyes. He grabbed Lex and slammed him up against the nearest expensively papered wall with a thump, kissing him ferociously, tearing open Lex's shirt and kissing his way down his chest until he got to Lex's belt. Clark nuzzled and breathed Lex' erection, making the fabric rub tight and Lex's breath catch in his throat.

Lex reached down, catching Clark's wrist, trying to stop him, but Clark shook him off.

They struggled with each other, fighting to remove clothing as quickly as possible, grabbing at bared flesh, wrestling, fighting to taste and touch each other. They came right there, quick and hard, breathing fast, then began their warring dance again. They crashed across the floor to the bed, landing on it and Clark erupted again, like an excitable puppy, making Lex chuckle fondly. Clark was so sensitised that just breathing on him was enough to get him off.

Lex pushed Clark face down on the mattress, licked his way down Clark's straining back, biting at his arse, then he licked down further, making Clark twist and groan against the sheets. Lex was fucking him with his tongue and fingers and Clark never knew he could feel so damn good.

"Lex," he shuddered as he came in jetting bursts into the sheets. He reached back and grabbed Lex's hand, pulling him down, rolling over and reversing their positions, with Clark on top and Lex flat on his back, watching as Clark went down on him. Lex's fist twisted through the dark hair, urging Clark to take him deeper, harder, until he came in a rush. He laughed in spite of himself as Clark spat out the taste of rubber, then Clark amazed him by applying another condom with his mouth.

"Where'd you learn that?"

"Sex Ed," Clark grinned. "Deep throating the demonstration banana when the teacher wasn't looking."

Lex laughed out loud at that. An honest, heart felt laugh and Clark realised he'd never heard Lex really laugh before.

"What?" Lex asked, aware Clark was watching him intently.

"You," Clark smiled, all doe eyed adoration. "Fuck me."

He rolled onto his back, offering himself up, every inch of the body Lex had coveted for months now his for the taking. Tall, lean, and so very hard. Yes. Lex covered Clark, mauling his throat, biting that arse and pumping him hard before settling between his thighs, slowing to savour the moment. Clark was so incredibly tight but so eager, twisting his hips, pressing down on Lex, arching up and taking Lex deep inside him, faster and harder than Lex ever intended to.

"Whoa, easy, soldier," Lex gasped but Clark was already moving on him like a whore and Lex shrugged it off, Clark sure looked okay with this. They were fused together and Clark was looking up at him, through him and into him and Lex felt connected to another human for the first time in a long while. It thrilled him as much as it scared him. He buried himself in Clark and they tumbled and rolled together, racing towards the finish line, faster and faster until they broke apart in a tangle of limbs, lying spent on the bed.

After a few moments of catching his breath Lex pulled away from Clark and rolled off the bed, popping the cork on the champagne and pouring two glasses. He drank one in a single gulp, refilled it, then offered the second to Clark.

Clark sipped at it experimentally, looking not very sure of himself.

"Hey, it's the good stuff," Lex reminded him, mildly offended.

Clark nodded and dutifully finished off his glass.

Lex was watching every moment, and realised just how much pleasure he took from the simple act of watching Clark. He shook himself, knowing he was being ridiculous.

"Let's see what else we have here." Lex picked up the first lid.

At first they'd thrown themselves on the dishes like wolves, then, their immediate hunger sated, Lex had taken the fruit platter back to bed with him, rolling the plucked grapes along Clark's skin before sliding them, now warmed by his flesh, between those lips.

It wasn't long before Clark wanted to play that game, straddling Lex and watching Lex snatch and bite at the bunch of grapes Clark dangled above him.

Then there was another moment where they caught each other's eyes and the laughter softened into silence.

Clark ran his fingertips down the smooth, fluttering skin.

"You really are -"

"A hairless ape, yes," Lex agreed, amused.

"Does it bother you?"

Lex shook his head. "Not any more."

There was another beat between them before Lex turned the tables on Clark again, pinning him down onto the bed.

Lex watched Clark watching him as he licked along his breastbone, dipping to kiss and suckle upon each nipple in turn, watching the arousal flare in those deep blue eyes. Even that was perfect.

Then Lex caught his reflection in those eyes and he flipped Clark over, squashing Clark's protests by lapping down his spine, pausing to kiss Clark just there, making Clark yelp and squirm in the sheets.

Then they were kneeling together, Clark was leaning back against him, undulating slowly under the movement of Lex's fingers as they drew along his spine and shoulder. Clark was enjoying this. He was enjoying this a lot.

Lex drew Clark back, closer, as close as skin could be, holding him as they watched each other in the mirrors that dropped from floor to ceiling,
As Lex sealed their bond with a deep, grinding kiss upon Clark's shoulder, as they rocked back and forth, together.


The first thump on the door woke Lex up with a snap. The second thump crashed open the door and the room was full of two suited FBI agents and a gaggle of hotel security.

"What is the meaning of this?" Lex demanded, gathering the rumpled sheet around him.

"We've had a report that you've taken a minor across state lines."

It was then and only then that Lex realised Clark was missing.

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"You were seen entering this room with a young man matching the description of the minor"

Lex shot the manager a daggered look. They'd pay for this. The entire staff of this hotel would be replaced by business close that day.

The agents searched the suite, pointlessly turning over chairs, emptying closets and peering into bar fridges, but there was no sign of Clark. When Lex came out of the bathroom, now fully dressed, he found then bagging the sheets and the glass Clark had drunk from for evidence. Damn.


Lex had been left in the tiny little room for a long while. It was an oppressively room, deliberately designed to be so, painted a threatening battleship grey, airless, windowless and dark save for the spare bulb that swung above him. All the better to slash his wrists with, though Lex was in no mood for that.

There were certain legal technicalities such as habeas corpus and while all the evidence did indeed point to Lex having entertained someone in his room, that someone was long gone. No one in Metropolis was crazy enough to try and prosecute the son of Lionel Luthor on nothing more than a few stained bed sheets.

The door rattled open and Lex felt his hopes rise for a moment that he was being set free, only to have them dashed again, as his father walked through the door. No, he could see he was merely being transferred to his father's custody.

Father and son had refused eye contact in the car, then had glared at each other for a long time across the desk and carpet of Lionel Luthor's private office.

"What the hell were you thinking, Lex? I know you're obsessed with that boy, but to drive him across state lines just so you could have your wicked way with him-"

"I did not take Clark across state lines. He drove himself. I was just along for the ride."

"I bet you were," Lionel sneered.

Lex shot him a quick flare of equal hostility.

Lionel pressed forward, leaning on his desk, as though the curse of a wayward son was too much to bear.

"This boy is trouble, Lex. Your interest in him and his family has already cost you a lot of time, trouble, money and bad publicity. I'll fly you out a whole fleet of whores if you're just bored and lonely."

"You sent me to Smallville, Dad."

"Not to fuck Jonathan Kent's son, I didn't. Stay away from him, stay away from that family."

"Clark's my friend."

"He'll never be your friend, Lex, because he can never be your equal, don't you understand that? His family are trouble, they'll cost you money, they'll drag you down. You don't want an albatross like that Kent boy hanging around your neck, trust me. And I'm not just talking about the favours he'll ask you for, but the blackmail, if you don't do what he wants. He's nothing but bad news, him and his whole family."

"Clark would never betray me."

"Oh, really. And where was he?" Lionel asked, and Lex couldn't answer.


Jonathan paused on the threshold. Clark was asleep in bed, sleeping like an angel, the little bastard, like nothing had happened. Jonathan started to move but Martha's touch on his arm stopped him. She shook her head. Not now. In the morning.

Clark heard his bedroom door close and he opened his eyes, rolling onto his back in his bed. He thought of Lex again as his hand cupped and played with his balls. Then he remembered how Lex had looked, naked and inside him, how lex felt, his body pressed close against him, inside him, and he brought himself off quickly, sighing as his warm seed spread over his fingers. He ran his hand up his stomach and chest, imagining it was Lex's hand that touched him. He needed to see Lex again, it burned in him like fire. He watched the setting moon cast patterns onto the ceiling. He was no longer a virgin. Lex was his lover. Everything had changed.



Lex had pushed open his bedroom door to find Clark, naked and ready, waiting for him in his bed.

"Clark, where have you been?"

"Waiting for you."

Lex dropped his coat and pulled off his tie, tired and not a little bit irritated. It had been a long night and day.

"Come here," Clark purred, moving across the bed like a panther, pulling Lex down with him.

"Clark," Lex tried, but his protests were silenced by hot eager kisses from Clark.

Lex allowed himself to be pushed down into the bed and watch and feel as Clark moved over him, licking at him like a cat. He'd dreamt of this too long to push the boy away now.

Lex couldn't quite believe it. He'd been wanking himself silly for months with dreams like this, ever since he'd been brought back to life by a pre-raphaelite angel named Clark. He'd been captivated, intrigued. He'd lusted, he'd obsessed, he'd fantasised, he'd day dreamed, he'd hoped, but....

Of course it had been there, it had always been there, the love that dare not speak it's name. Instead of looks and touches, they'd spoken with shared jokes and the quiet pleasure of each other's company. Lex had never been as intimate with anyone as he'd been with Clark, talking quietly together, sharing memories and dreams. They'd become so close, so very close that Lex found the real surprise in that he'd waited so long. Perhaps he'd been entranced by Clark's innocence, unwilling to ruin their friendship with some crass move. The moment, when it came, had seemed so right, and Clark was pressing back against his skin, arching into his touch.

He wasn't imagining this now. Clark was here. Clark was all over him. Clark was really turned on. He could see Clark's nipples puckered into hard little nubs. He flicked one, playfully and Clark made a soft moaning noise, and reached up to pinch the other. And Lex knew.

Later, as Lex sat sipping vodka and Clark lay beside him, curled up and sated, and watching him with those inscrutable blue eyes. Only then did Lex quietly ask the questions that had been burning their way into his skin.

"Where did you go?' he asked casually.

Clark's smile didn't twitch for a moment.

"I went looking for some ice, and a coke."

"Why didn't you call room service?"

"I didn't think." Clark was still looking disarmingly innocent. "I was coming back when I saw all those men. I knew they were looking for me, so I hid."

"Probably best that you did," Lex conceded, though he'd been fuming at the time, and a good while afterwards.

"Thank your father for setting the Feds onto me."

"It wasn't Dad. He didn't - he would never - it's not his style."

"Well, somebody knew, because those guys were FBI. They questioned me for over an hour and they took the sheets.

"The sheets?"

"And the condoms. DNA evidence, proof I've had someone in my room. They'll probably want to try and match it to you."

"They can't." Clark was sitting up distressed.

"Don't worry. I'll get you a good lawyer. You won't have to take any tests."

But that wasn't just what Clark was worried about. It was the testing they'd be doing on the samples they had now. Fuck, how could he have been so stupid?

"But Lex, surely your lawyers can -"

"I appreciate the faith you place in my legal team, Clark, but in spite of your disappearing act the authorities claim they have evidence I was entertaining someone in my room, and I'll lay odds that evidence is the bedsheets you came all over like warm champagne."

Clark flushed a little at the memory, his eyes darkening with a spike of arousal as he remembered Lex deep inside him, Lex wrapped around him, Lex in his head, telling him to come.

Lex was close by him, brushing Clark's lower lip softly with his thumb, remembering too.

"I'm sorry, Clark. Your first time should be done quickly and clumsily and best forgotten about. To have one's dirty laundry literally aired like this -"

Clark's blue eyes zeroed in on his.

"I won't forget, and I don't care what happens now. It was worth it. I want you, Lex. I need you."

Lex smiled. "Just remember to say you consented in court."

Clark drew away, annoyed. "It won't come to that."

"Clark, what can you do?"

Clark flashed that petulant, determined look of his at Lex and Lex wondered exactly what Clark would do to get them all out of this mess.

"Clark, relax, you're 16, it's legal in Metropolis."

But Clark couldn't relax. He pulled away from Lex and the bed, dressing hurriedly.

"I have to go."

Lex nodded, he could see that. He wanted to warn Clark not to do anything stupid, but he also wanted to see exactly what Clark would do.

"I have to get back," Clark mumbled again as he tied his shoelaces. "My father will be looking for me and I'm supposed to be grounded on account of -"

"Losing your virginity?" Lex supplied helpfully, if a little sarcastically. Lex was tired and if Clark was just grounded he'd gotten off very lightly, in Lex's opinion.

Clark glanced back to Lex, as if he expected Lex to protest his leaving, but Lex was having none of it. The last thing he needed was Clark's father showing up here with a shotgun, or worse, the local sheriff.


It didn't take Clark long to find where'd they'd taken the evidence from Lex's room. It didn't take much for him to breach security, either. Clark's blood began to boil as he read the report on the computer. They were testing the DNA - his DNA, his alien DNA - and Clark's rage flared suddenly, boiling over.

The whole lab was suddenly seared with incredible heat, bursting into flames. The specimens, the files all burst into flames. He drew back, startled and scared, knowing he must have caused it, but he only had a moment of confusion before the fire alarm went off. Clark made sure his own evidence was burned beyond ashes, the PC was fried and the sprinklers were ineffective molten stumps. Caught up in his inferno, Clark escaped through a punched open window, satisfied the place would burn and take the last record of him with it.


" You're late," his father greeted him in surly tones down by the barn where he was loading heavy bags of grain and thick barrels of molasses onto the back of the truck.

"Grounded means coming straight home from school and don't try to tell me you missed the bus because that excuse doesn't work for you."

Neither did lying and Jonathan was one of the few people on the planet never to be fooled by Clark's carefully neutral expression.

Clark realised this when his father straightened, blood boiling in his face.

"Of all the - do you think I was just making idle conversation this morning? You are forbidden to see Lex Luthor or to have anything to do with him."

"He's my friend," Clark pouted.

"I'll bet."

"He loves me."

His father snorted, slapping another sack down.

"Do you honestly think you're the first person ever to be fucked over by a Luthor? You've got his eye now, yes, but you're like a new toy to him. Pretty soon you'll stop being so shiny and he'll forget all about you."


"He won't? With his track record? Do you really think the apple falls so far from the tree? Forget him, son. Give him up, before you really get hurt."

Jonathan touched lightly above where he presumed his son's heart was. "You're not invulnerable there, you know."

"Dad-" Clark squirmed away, uncomfortable.

Jonathan sighed, leaning against the truck.

"It's not just your heart I'm worried about, Clark. Lex has asked questions about you before, about your adoption. He could again. It's too risky. You're special, son, and I don't want to lose you." Jonathan didn't like to think of what could happen to Clark if he was discovered.

Neither did Clark. His parents had hidden him out here on this farm all their lives. They were still hiding him. He wondered again what had made this man, this good and ordinary man, take him in.

"If you knew I was an alien when you found me, how did you know I wasn't dangerous?"

His father smiled. "I trusted you."

Clark nodded, absorbing this.

"So what changed? Why don't you trust me now?"

"I do. It's other people I don't trust."

"The Luthors."

"The Luthors," his father sighed. Everything always came back to the Luthors.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt - to see you get all used up and bitter, like I am. I'd do anything to save you from that. Lionel Luthor only uses people for what they can give him, including Lex. Do you really want to get mixed up in a family like that?"

Letting the matter drop as the penny slowly cascaded through the working's of Clark's mind, Jonathan slowly walked away. He'd told the truth at last, or at least some of it, enough for Clark to know some of why he resented the Luthors so much. Clark knew about the land deals, the stolen lives. Surely that was enough of the story to convince him that the Luthors were not to be trusted.

Clark would have to make his own choice. There was only so much Jonathan could do. He couldn't lock Clark up in his room until Lex had gone away, as much as he wanted to. He'd do anything to spare Clark having to learn a hard lesson about people like the Luthors, and Clark had so much more to lose. Yet, like most things in his life, Jonathan was at the mercy of the fates. Jonathan could no more change what he knew was going to happen any more than he could change the weather or the seasons.

Dinner time only meant another round of the same old argument. Martha had barely put the plates on the table before Jonathan had started lecturing Clark again on the dangers of exposing himself in an unguarded moment, exposing himself in front of Lex.

"No, what if you start," Jonathan waved his hands about. "Levitating again."

"I won't."

"How can you be sure?"

"It won't happen. I'll be careful."

"You have to be. Clark, your life depends upon it," his father tried to stress. "You saw that alien autopsy film - you want that to be you?"



"I'm sorry Martha but the boy needs to know exactly what's at stake here. If it was anyone but Lex -"

"Because he's a Luthor."

"Because he's smart. He's as sharp as a tack, that one. If he sees you doing anything - just don't let him see you doing anything."

"I won't, Dad. I promise."

Jonathan grimaced. Clark's promises weren't worth much these days. Welcome to Clark's teenaged rebellion. He was still waiting for the 'you're not my real parents' argument from the boy, but he guessed Clark was still holding that one in reserve.

"This is the same as the football argument, isn't it," Clark seethed quietly over mashed potatoes.

"Yes, it is, and for the same reason."

"You think I can't control myself?"

"I think you show poor judgement, which is something you can't afford to do."

"Jonathan, he's young."

"And stupid. Clark can't afford to be careless. Nor can he ever draw attention to himself, either on the field, or of it. Never mind being an alien, do you have any idea what they do to gay kids at school?"

"I've got an idea," Clark bristled.

"I don't think you have. When I was at school-"

"You don't know what's it's like!" Clark suddenly exploded.

"Don't talk to me about when you were at school. You were on the football team. Guys like you beat up guys like me. Who'd you pick to be the scarecrow, Dad - who did you drag out into the field?!" Clark slammed out of the kitchen and Jonathan knew he couldn't go after him. What could he say? The mob mentality ruled? Those were hardly the words Clark wanted to hear. Not that his father wasn't perfect, he'd screwed up, done things he'd regretted. That's why he'd wanted to save Clark from this. Instead, he'd brought it about.

"Scarecrow? What's he talking about?"

Jonathan waved the question away, unable to answer, unable to face his wife if he did. He hadn't known, Clark had never said a word. Jonathan remembered all too clearly dragging their classmate, crying and pissing himself, out to the field and leaving him there. He'd been so high on the moment, he hadn't thought, hadn't cared.

Now he thought of Clark submitting himself to that, all because Jonathan had banned him from playing football, all because Jonathan had banned his son from ever standing up for himself.

He scrubbed his face with his hands. He thought Clark told him everything, but Clark hadn't told him about being the scarecrow, and he hadn't told him about Lex.

He felt Martha's hand on his shoulder, consoling him for all the wrong reasons.

"It's Lionel, isn't it," she crooned, sitting down beside him.

"I lost my shot on the Sharks because I wasn't willing to take what Lionel was offering. I wanted to make the team on my own merits, and he dumped me."

"And now you don't want your own son to roll over for a Luthor?" Martha sympathised.

"No. I know that family, I know what they're capable of. I don't want Clark to find out the hard way, like I did."

"Some things you can't protect him from."

"Yeah, but I thought I could at least protect him from the Luthors."


"Clark, if you don't stop twitching I'm going to hit you with something heavy and large."

"Sorry," came the muffled reply.

"Clark, go to sleep. I thought I'd fucked you into the mattress. You must be sleepy," Lex pleaded.

"I guess I'm just not used to sleeping with anyone."

Such a quiet, plaintive little voice. Was this how Clark had his parents wrapped around his little finger? Probably. Lex's hand slid down across Clark's back, rubbing slowly up and down until those big eyes finally closed and Lex settled down beside Clark, who had fallen asleep at last.

Lex was woken with a sudden jarring thump and a twitching tangle of limbs.

"Clark, hey, easy." He reached out to sake Clark's shoulder.

"Sorry, I woke with a start, didn't remember where I was."

"Start? It felt like you landed on the bed," Lex teased.

Clark pulled away, chastened.

"Hey," Lex ducked his head down, trying to maintain eye contact with an elusive Clark. "Are you going to tell me what the fight was that you had with your parents - no, let me guess."

The weight of the world seemed to crush Clark a little further, as though he were Atlas, having a particularly hard day of it.

"They can't deal with the fact that I'm gay, or the fact that we're-"

"Fucking? Together?"

Clark shot him a look. "You're not helping, you know."

Lex leant in close, real close, running a finger lightly down Clark's sternum.

"And how would you like me to help?" he purred.

Just at that moment a breeze chose to breathe through the curtains, revealing
a pale lavender sky for a moment.

"Isn't it time you went back to the farm, and isn't it a school day?" Lex inquired, though he knew damn well that it was, and that Clark had to scamper
otherwise his bed would be found empty.

"Are you sure you don't want a lift?" Lex asked, rolling on his side, watching Clark dress, savouring every move.

Clark shook his head, and Lex shrugged it off. Jogging across the countryside must be how Clark managed that magnificent form.

"See you tonight?" Clark asked, returning for a goodbye kiss.

"You're grounded," Lex reminded, grinning.

Then Clark was kissing him and he was all for wilful disobedience to fathers.



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