mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

fic bit: SG- Tribe

Gonna have to re-write this bit, which I hate cause I really liked this, and I wrote it in Bali and everything. Once upon a time sending a character off to the shops meant something.

    "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

    Daniel ran to stand between the marines and the tribesmen.

    Jack glared at him, prayed the marines weren't trigger happy and turned his attention to their commanding officer.

    "Nice and subtle extraction. And you are?"

    "Major Finn, Sir." Finn flicked a glance to the panicked and wild eyed lunatic dancing between SG-3 and the tribe.

    "That would be Dr Jackson, I presume?" Finn grinned and Jack matched his grin, relaxing. He liked this guy. Nothing seemed to surprise him. That was a good thing in this job.

    "Tell your men to stand down and I'll wrangle Daniel. This tribe is technically what we would call hostile, but they seem to have adopted us."

    "Sorry about the delay in getting here."

    Jack shrugged. "These things happen. So what happened?"

    "Something knocked the Gate offline." Finn shrugged. "I had it explained to me, but, well I'm just here to follow orders, you know?"

    Jack beamed. He really was liking this guy.

    "Daniel," he turned. "Time to go home. Grab whatever you can carry. We're out of here, now, before the natives get restless."

    Daniel gave him a pleading look which Jack met with a stern look.

    "Daniel, don't make a scene. Go pack now," he warned, fondly but firmly.

    Finn watched the anthropologist crawl into a hut and begin to throw things into packs.

    "He's really into this stuff, huh?" Finn noted, amused.

    "Yes, he is." Jack cut him off in a tone that told Finn only he, Jack O'Neill, was allowed to tease the anthropologist.

    The brilliant but whacky Dr Jackson and the legendary Colonel Jack O'Neill. Finn was beginning to realise everything he'd heard about them was true.

    "Daniel," Jack warned.

    "I'm here." Daniel emerged, thrusting heavy bags at confused marines before taking his place at Jack's side.

    Finn just nodded to his unit to shoulder the extra packs without comment. This was the SGC and they did things differently here. They sure as hell weren't in Kansas any more. Any operation with a high number of civilians was bound to be unorthodox.

    "Move 'em out, Major," Jack commanded, and Finn took point, leading the way back to the Gate.

    Daniel twisted back to take one last look at the village but Jack's hand on his shoulder gently pushed him forward and kept him going.


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