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  • Mon, 20:15: Little Bourke St in the rain, with the bike couriers going up and down. Could it be more Blade Runner?
  • Mon, 20:17: Had lunch with Chloe. Someone should get the poor girl some clothes -she'll catch her death
  • Mon, 20:19: Young & Jackson had White Rabbit on tap. I'm moving here now. They make me drink Fat Yak in Sydney (retching noise). :(
  • Mon, 20:29: Don't go and see the NGV Van Gogh exhibition. It sucked mightily. Reminded me why I didn't get why VVG was a thing until I saw his stuff OS
  • Mon, 20:30: Do go and see the NGV Love exhibition. It's free and fabulous and full of wonderful things and fun facts to know. Love love love.
  • Tue, 07:28: RT @eduardo_LACS: What senseless waste. Why kill such a gentle creature? For 'sport'?!? RT if u want global ban on all trophy hunting https…
  • Tue, 07:38: #ObssessionComp
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