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I don't want to wait for my life to be over

Well, I did it. Sure enough, I was given websites to have up and running by 1 January, and given them late in the afternoon on the 31st of December. I wasn't happy about it, bloody oath no, but I got 'em done.

Amazing how much I can accomplish sans interruptions. Certain folk need to take a good hard look at themselves when it can be demonstrated that they only hinder business processes and never contribute to same.

So here I am again, stuck indoors, working, while everyone else is on holidays, at the beach, having fun. It feels like being on detention. It smacks of punishment. It makes me sulky and miserable.

Yesterday was National Hangover Day so I was legally allowed to stay home, so I did. I watched one episode of The Invisible Man, which was cute. Adding the new chick, whom I dislike intensely, has only made the boys bond more.

I also watched my one episode of Dawson's Creek. Missed half of it due to a phone call, but I saw half of it. Didn't get to hear it because AP decided to passive aggressively bang pots in the sink for the duration, as though the washing up couldn't wait 25 minutes. She's so mean.

It was the one where Pacey and Joey (ie the two that can act and will probably have careers apres DC) are trapped in the K Mart overnight. From the little I saw it was just wonderful, and very Moonlighting.

So sue me, I adore Pacey. He's everything I want in a bloke: sweet, funny, witty, smart, loyal, mostly sensible and did I mention how very much I just love his sense of humour? Sure, he's American, but he probably votes Democrat, so I think I can overlook that one shortcoming :D

I'd intended to watch the fireworks from my office with the great view, but was so bloody wretched I just went home and watched them on tv, which was awful. A bit more money spent on equipping the crews with digital cameras and a little less money wasted in casinos would help, Mr Packer. It was horrible, but we hunted around to see the coverage on the news channels and found Veronica looking sour as always on CNN mentioning the fireworks. One of these days Auckland will put us to shame, but not as yet.

Fox news declared Hawaii was an hour behind Australia & NZ. That is so wrong, so very wrong. What a stupid station. They didn't get that it was Summer down here, either.

Prior to that we'd been watching Goldmember. It's my least favourite Austin film, by a country mile, though Beyonce rocks (she needs to ditch what she's doing now and just do retro funky stuff, I like it so much better) but it does have all the Dutch bashing, which amuses. Firstly it proves that someone's been reading their Fleming, with his irrational prejudices, and secondly, my so called manager is a Nederlander so the line from Doctor Evil: "How about no, you crazy Dutch
bastard!" gets quite a workout in my head.

Yesterday some friends came over, which was nice. I made them admire the tree, my succulents, eat stale Xmas biscuits and we bitched about working for the Government. Apparently, what has happened to my Dept, which used to have a history predating settlement before it was mangled, folded, spindled and mutilated, is being talked about in hushed whispers like the Black Douglas, ie be good or the Black Douglas will get ye. Or, as my friend was told by her manager in a general meeting: be productive or suffer our fate. We're a warning to other Depts, so when I say I'm having a crappy time, bear in mind that I'm having a historically crappy time here. Still, a good kevetching is always theraputic, especially with folks who understand my pain.

Sadly, said friends had both a cat and a dog run over before Xmas. I stifled my orignal thought that to lose one might be considered a misfortune, but to lose two smacked of carelessness, and did my best to make sympathetic noises, though I'd found both animals hard to love, especially the cat, from whom I still bear the scars.

Rounded off the day with some late night Hornblower. Why the ABC is screening it at this awkward hour, when Master & Commander is screening well, is beyond me, but as it was too hot and steamy to sleep anyway, a bit of Hormblower whiled the hours away. This time around, less thralled by the boys and the story, I noticed that you can see Ioan's contacts clearly in one scene, he blinks and flinches before Clayton whacks him with the belaying pin and there's a bit where they're supposedly on a boat out of sight of land, land which is clearly bobbing on the horizon just over everybody's shoulders. Oops. War on a shoe string budget, obviously. After M&C is does look very, very cheap, and to think, I once thought it looked posh compared to Sharpe.

Whoo hoo, another friend just called. Finally, I am getting some attention. And, loving it.

I've also noticed that a couple of the other handful of embittered singletons who are on deck today to answer phones etc are also going hobbit style, ie bare feet. Trendsetter me.

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