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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Wed, 19:45: Saw some collages today at the gallery. I love a collage. Not seen one since the 80s. Copyright killed that artform dead.
  • Wed, 19:45: Saw Tatsuo Miyajima at MCA and AGNSW. Love a blinky LED number.
  • Wed, 19:47: Also saw Nude, from high Victoriana thru murky mid 20thC to yikes 70s to more yikes now.
  • Wed, 19:49: Would have loved to have seen Ruskin's face when he found Turner's stash. That is proper hardcore that is.
  • Wed, 19:53: Bad me giggled over the Hockney. The 1966 aesthetic with the blond and brunette was so/too evocative I just LOL'd. Tsk. (Too much tumblr)
  • Wed, 19:55: Also saw Rogue One. That bleak ending is now even bleaker. Still, it was like those of WWII films I used to watch as a kid.
  • Wed, 19:56: And happy birthday fave fictional character. :D
  • Wed, 19:57: Oh, also saw Manifesto again, because cool.
  • Wed, 19:58: RT @neilhimself: I have been writing for the last hour to "Classic Sixties TV Themes" and I have no idea why. But at least I'm writing.
  • Wed, 20:18: Not sure I dig the Netflix Dirk Gently (though I totes adorbs Samuel Barnett 4eva) but I'm reading the books again so no bad thing.