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ode to a woolly hat one mid-summer morn

I have a hat. No any ordinary hat, mind, but a special hat, one that promises future adventures in a cold climate. So it's a very good hat to have. Unfortunately it's made of 100% Canadian wool so it'd be treason to wear it, but, eh, what else is new?

I was in late this morning. Firstly, as I missed Farscape last night I decided to treat myself and watch it this morning (much to the consternation of the household). Aeryn and John kissed and made up, despite exploding spiders.

Then, as the shops had been open all night, I managed to do my last minute Xmas snack run, you know, stocking up on biscuits in the very remote chance that folks will drop by (alas, unlikely as everyone I've invited to view my tree has declined thus far, but in keeping with the season I remain optimistic).

Now I have to go take some mince pies down to Level 8, to make up for being a pest all year. Eat a pie, ease my guilt. You know, it sounded better when Willow said it. Less wrong :D

I'm glad I got some sleep last night. I'm feeling more chipper. I'm wearing my AStro Boy t-shirt and I even flirted with the barrista in Starbucks.

Oh, and I figured out why I made such a shocking late start onb Xmas preparations this year. I wasn't lying about as I scolded myself, I had that damned sprained ankle, as it reminded me while I was hopping, literally, from shop to shop. The house still looks like a bomb went off, provisions are meagre and cards will arrive after Hogmanay, but, eh, it's not like anybody else pitched in to help.

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