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generals and majors

Typical. Yesterday I was well on the way to making the medical text books under What Rash Is That? as I perspired and stuck together trapped in a suit that was made from shower curtains and plastic bags (ie 100% polyester) on one of the stinkiest hottest days of the year. So today I rocked up in my light and loose and almost skimpy and as near as dammit all natural fibres as you can get these days ensemble and the weather guage swings back to winter. Ack.

As I was bitching and moaning about everything as usual yesterday, a friend foolishly emailed, inquiring how they could cheer me up. See my view I demanded, setting them on a hot and sweaty journey miles/kms out of their way just to partake of my view. I can be damn pushy and obnoxious when I want to be, but I really did want somebody to admire my view, before I lose it.

You see, ten years ago I was in the basement. Now I'm on the tenth floor with a view. I mean, Mulder never got out of the basement. So my view is the one thing I allow myself the sin of pride over. Sure, it takes in the railway and the motorway and the stadium, but it's my view, and I love it.

Went out to do my usual walk to take in the Xmas lights. Last year I did this by myself and had the most marvoulus time, wandering about, looking at the pretty lights and complimentatin the neighbours on their displays.

This year Mother decided to tag along. This was a mistake. First, because we could only traverse a fraction of the distance I usually cover (there are always twinklies on the next hill) and second, the only spirit I was being enfused by this year was matricide. Bicker, bicker, whine, bitch.

Not that she's a bad person, per se, my mother, it's just that she can only get along if you go along, ie shut up and do what you're told. She'll brook no discussion, no argument, her word is law. You can't ever argue in the abstract with her. The only way I can ever make her change her mind is by demonstration, and sometimes I don't have the time or effort needed.

Like she wouldn't have Thai, that foreign muck, in the house. So I started sneaking it home when I worked late. So it's 'sniff, sniff, what's that, then', ie, present contraband for inspection (no customs officer is ever as fearsome as my mother when she thinks you might be concealing something freshly bought without her tacit approval about your person). So she decides this Thai smells okay, tries it, and before I know it she's inviting her cronies around for the lunch special.

She was the same with the cable. Wouldn't have it in the house, vicious arguments, but I got my room done anyway and the guy cabled up the lounge room as well. Two days of wailing, but after that, glued to the box.

So imagine how much fun arguing about which direction to take was. Yep.

Still the house with the musical trees had brightly lit reindeer out this year. I love that house. You can see it from space, so brightly festooned with lights that it is.

Watched the Ioan narrated doco on the Xmas truce. I love that story, even though my mind keeps going to the Goodies version. Generals and majors are evil, but at least among men, the spark of hope and humanity remains. The proginator of Samwise steps forward onto no man's land with xmas tree, carols and a football and spontaneous bouts of peace break out (to the collective horror of the generals and majors). Sadly the war was forced to roll on for four more years thanks to those generals and majors, but that moment of decency between ordinary men, well, what a beautiful thing.

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    "If you want me, I'll be in my room." - Lisa Simspson, The Simpsons.


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