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Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me. I'm not sure exactly what Xander meant by that, but if the sentiment regarded the aftermath of public humiliation, I'm with him there.

Okay, yeah, my humiliation only involved three witnesses, but still, it was big, it was horrible, it was huge. In other words, I totally choked in my job interview. Ack.

I'm out of practice, I tried rehearsing, but the flu had me up all night and I was so out of sorts that I mislabelled an image of Ewan as Tony Head this morning. Yep, that addled. Then I managed to spill that much needed cup of tea down my shirt, got to the place to find one of the folks meant to be interviewing me being carried off on a stretcher, oh and did I mention sweating like a pig in my plastic fantastic polyester suit on one of those super tar melting days we have? A star performance from start to finish. Oh well. And I though it'd be good cause it's only a few blocks from here and all web content and no sys admin.


Weekend sucked too and there was no fic writing. Highlights would have been, if not for the constant interruption of domestic duties: Wire in The Blood, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Sense and Sensiblity and Jurassic Park III. I did manage to note however Billy's changing hairstyle, ever changing wet t-shirt and those fresh chocolate bars annoy me, considering what my xmas choccies look like after a hot day, never mind ten years in the tropics. Or maybe InGen is still on the supply route and some poor bugger's been restocking the snack machines. Can you imagine? Tee hee.

Didn't even get to watch Munch or Stagrate sans interruption and they're late at night, ditto Peak Practice (which I am only watching for Jamie Bamber). Somehow I managed Touching Evil, alone, uninterrupted. It was a goodie. Okay, I'd seen it before, but even if I hadn't, the fact that Andy Serkis was there might have tipped me off as to whom the psycho killer was. At one point he had his Gollumy hands all over Patrick from Casualty (last seen face down in his entree, dear Pat) and it was very Gollumy indeed and creepy and I loved every minute of it, even poor Shaun Dingwall copping it.

Tried to watch some Battlestar too, but no go. Note to self: resume practice of hiding in room and pretending to be dead.

Cleaned more, hung more, wrapped more, scrubbed more, threw out more.

Oh, and worse is yet to come. The posh rellies have deigned to invite us to their soiree. Yes, she of the no utensils bar a plastic spoon will be fronting up to they of the rolled cloth napkins. Hyperventilate, hyperventilate, and that's before I'm judged on my lack of marriage and offspring (never mind being a Grade 7/8, it don't signify). Then I'll make the mistake of accepting a canape and they'll all be on my weight, and so on and so forth until I tie all their cloth napkins together and hang myself from the xmas tree in the corner.

Or would that I could. I'll just be lurking in the corner enduring a couple of hours that could possibly be more soul destroying than a sojorn at the Birmingham Bus Interchange. Please note that I said possibly.

Oh yes, children are starving and been blown up by landmines, blah blah blah. Well, they don't have to sit under the steely gaze of my mother's side of the family, the lucky beggars. Ack.

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  • Quotes of the day:
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