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kangaroo tears: rip ranger matt

Sigh. It was the last day of collecting LOTR pins today. I've probably spent a week's worth of lunch money on the silly things, but you stuck them in an album, one every day, and it sort of reminded me of an advent calender and I love advent calendars.

I've only ever had one. It was a gift from my born again Uncle and as well as a standard advent calender, each day came with instructions on how to build a Blue Peter style nativity scene. You know, the people were dressed spoons, the sheep were cotton balls with pipe cleaner legs, the manger was made from matchesticks and paddlepop sticks, and I think knowing how to make paper palm trees is a skill for life. It never made me a Christian but it was the most fun I'd ever had as a child.

If I had any sort of decent parents my dear little nativity scene would still be making annual appearances but alas no, they whole thing was broomed, to tearful childish wails at the time, as I recall. Never mind, I still remember the scraps of material I scrounged to dress the shepherds and the kings - it really was so much excellent crafty fun.

Managed to get some more cleaning done yesterday (the morning was spent in the city hunting stocking stuffers). I truly do despair. Once again this is merely going to be a cosmetic job than a proper nooks and crannies job. Maybe in the new year. It's difficult, especially when you're exhausted and flu ridden, then folks complain that they can't hear the tv over the sounds of your scrubbing (cf whitegoods and women's domestic slavery). This is when I start throwing things because harsh language just won't do it, whereupon I am accused of ruining Xmas because I'm so bad tempered, wheras before I was accused of ruining Xmas because I'd let the house get into such a state. I just can't win.

At least the birds are becoming gourmands from all the stuff cleared out of the fridge/freezer for the annual defrosting, not to mention some clearing of out of date crap from the cupboards.

Missed Who, Relic Hunter, Farscape, Buffy and Angel because I've been cleaning, nor have I written or read anything, but I caught Farscape at 5am and didn't get up to get ready until it had finished, wilful me. I really liked it and it was too amusing to see familiar locations, so familiar that I can see them from my window at work every day. Not sure it was the right decision for John to return home with muppets in tow, but I thought his sister was very hip and accepting.

I did catch the end of FOTR last night, watched under twinkly xmas lights, though I microsleeped through bits of it, Boromir scenes no less (ack). Was just tired after a hard day's slog.

Speaking of Boromir, I stumbled across some more Sean pages and people drooling over Sean and I felt extremely put out that I didn't know any of these people. You see, once upon a time I pretty much knew all the Sean fans, for we were few, a happy few, and I'd personally met half of them at a gathering in London.

So it's weird now to be out of the loop, kind of like walking into your local to find it full of strangers. It's just uncomfortable and off putting, even though there's no logical reason for it to be. I should just jump in and reintroduce myself, I'm just not sure of the sort of reception I'd get.

Ack, now I really am depressed. There's been a few actor deaths lately, but this one really devastates me: vale Ed Devereaux. Watching Skippy will never be the same again.

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