mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Dammit, Jim

I don’t know why I fret about wasting my time and not living a right and proper, i.e. normal life.

For one, normal just wasn’t on the cards – I came out wrong, and was subsequently violently abused every way you can imagine, and then some. So no, no normal life for me. Abby Normal, that’s me. Screwed up damaged goods, abandoned and alone.

But even if you were to criticise my priorities and task management skills, let me tell you, I’m so badly screwed over by others I barely have the time and opportunity to make my own errors of judgement. Fer instance, I’ve just lost over four days on unpaid overtime to jobs that are going nowhere except oblivion.

Now we’ll never know how much of that time would have been spent diligently on cleaning the bathroom, sewing new kitchen curtains or dealing with the wasteland that was the backyard (thanks to the very nasty neighbours I’ve not been out there in ages) or, as is more likely these days, watching average movies and scribbling extremely bad fan fic, so it doesn’t matter. Not at all. Nothing matters.

Though I could have filled up another notebook in four days (and maybe have cleaned the bathroom), maybe even two notebooks. I’ll never know. And all for nothing. Nothing.

Yeah, I don’t know why I’m constantly pouting and sulking and carrying on like a teenager, either.

At least, frantically checking my phone, I’ve found a possible screen date for Hell or High Water. I figured it’d have a release date now, because I was spoiled for the ending the other day. Damn freakin’ Americans. They’ve all seen it, so what does it matter to the rest of us? Ah well, I knew how it was gonna end anyway, I guess, that type of film never ends well.

Still, gonna go see it, because I love neo-westerns (see my box sets of Justified), and, you know, Chris Pine.

Oh, deal with it. He’s been on my radar for a while, since he’s a repeated offender as far as turning up in projects with Brit boys I like (Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Rickman, James Corden, etc.) and, well, tough. I need a little sugar to get me through what is shaping to be another character forming month.

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