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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Mon, 06:53: The best thing about the weekend was catching the ferry back. In the sunset. With the two Doctors in the corner, just hanging.
  • Mon, 06:54: Two boys done up as 10 and 11 (12 missed the boat) in OMG note-perfect cosplay. More DT than DT (and I can say that). Perfect. It amused me.
  • Mon, 06:57: So, back to unwieldy tech/systems, prezzos (coffee, more coffee!) and 200+ urban salinity reports (Ha, I can tell you about Urban salinity!)
  • Mon, 19:57: Posted some more pics of sweet as apple pie Christian Kane at #OzComicCon https://t.co/KHpREuhpOx
  • Mon, 19:58: And that curmudgeonly crumpet Karl Urban #OzComicCon https://t.co/LEyrAK9i5c