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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Mon, 11:29: RT @hotrockz78: "Askhole"..A person who continually asks for advice then does the complete opposite.. #MakeANewSwearWord
  • Mon, 11:57: Making the whole street think Rage is starting at midday: https://t.co/6hhM5qO9oC
  • Mon, 11:59: Playing my crap music LOUD to drown out the building site next door. Gonna watch a musical next. Prolly Princess Charming. Because. CP.
  • Mon, 12:01: So Simple Minds going, ditto Tumblr and Drums of Autumn. It's J-cubed here. I'm being such a grown up. Not. Did nothing useful yesterday.
  • Mon, 12:03: I did see the screening of KB's Romeo and Juliet. That was surprisingly wonderful. RM such the lil trooper. And LJ owned the balcony scene
  • Mon, 12:05: Big thanks to the Pine Nut programming the tv movies last week. Love your work. Would not have survived hell week without the birthday boy.
  • Mon, 12:08: So yeah, go to work like a grown-up or stay home, bleed and behave like a bratty child. Like Option A was ever gonna happen. And loving it.
  • Mon, 12:09: Hmmm...what next? The Jam? Yes, I think so. Wheee! My new player plays really LOUD.
  • Mon, 15:05: RT @reallykazcooke: Judging by diary handwriting in @nlagovau Cap'n Bligh was an organised martinet. Burke & Wills were bonkers & dim respe…