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  • Thu, 06:33: RT @JM_Underwood: Very sad to see that the gender pay gap persists even in the anthropomorphic hoover community.
  • Thu, 20:10: No wonder I'm so tired. I seem to spend my nights entangling all my cords and cables. Knit one, pearl one...
  • Thu, 20:11: Sketched out a 2 act pllay over the dishes. Int. Dinner party. Hiddles and the flooz dit down with his actorly etony chums...
  • Thu, 20:15: 2/2 ...I'm thinking something like Beast or The Seagull. Heh. Once I saw him in Chekhov. Now I'm making fun. Too bad. It'd be fun, though.
  • Thu, 20:16: Arthur, dragons, skeletons, Star Trek, more
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