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Yesterday was a long, looong day, but happily in between demands a very dear former colleague and fellow O'Brian freak (I outed myself by once uttering a Killickism under duress) was emailing me as he'd seen M&C on Friday, too, so we were happily listing the many pros and cons. We're both reasonably happy with the film but felt they could have kept more of the plot of the book, as it's excellent, fleshed out our beloved ratty crew much more and kept in Stephen's pratfalls. We never got to see the crew away from the orbit of Jack, and seeing Jack through their eyes is where the fun lies :) And not a single sighting of a bosun's chair. Outrageous.

I suppose having to pull a 14hr day worked out well in one way, because I had to pick up tea on the way past (when I rang requesting mine be left in the microwave I was told to byo as things had not gone according to plan). I also found those 60s decorations I'd promised myself this year, in the local $2 shop of all places. They were soooo 60s, probably authentically too, if the battered packaging is anything to go by, and Bro thought they demanded Burt Bacharach to be played, just to look at them. I'm in love with them.

Funny how only the cheap shops of tat will serve for decorations this year. Usually I (try to) limit myself to only one quality glass bauble per year (one dear friend, on seeing my tree when it was only half as tizzy as it is now, suggested I sign up for decorating Mardi Gras floats, such is my passion for shiny sparkly things) but all the posh shops are into bland bare beige wire and faux pearl ornaments this year. Boring! I mean, honestly, Xmas is meant to be shiny and tizzy and if it isn't it might as well be March, imho. We don't have seasons here (especially this year, I'm freezing and it's December, for pity's sake), so marking the change of year requires a proactive stance.

There was no tv last night, bar South Park (ripping into Christian so called rock and music downloads) and Sports Night, so I fiddled with the tree some more, hung up yet more tinsel (bugger minimalism) had a huge hot chocolate in my grande cup and staggered into bed, asleep on my feet. A long day after my week of trials and testing just about finished me.

Oh, my splendid box set of Battlestar Galactica arrived. It's all shiny and silly and where on earth am I going to put it? I never thought that far ahead when I ordered it (it was simply a case of MUST HAVE IT). It's clearly the sort of thing that should sit atop a bookcase to impress other nerds, but you know what my bookcases are like (they tip over every time the house shifts). I can see it now: Cause of death appears to be blunt trauma, possibly from this Battlestar Galactica box set we found lying beside the victim. Yep, death by plastic Cylon, what a way to go.

I'm also going commando today, as my poor ankle brace did not survive the mosh pit or the Drop Brits, alas. We'll see how we go. The last time I went sans brace was at the con and my poor ankle ballooned up so bad it burst blood vessels and people screamed when they saw it. Sigh. I really did a number on myself. Poor old ankle brace. Proof that I do lead an active life, inspite of my lard arse, if I break the poor thing in the course of business. I'm also all covered in bruises - I must have had a very good time.

Stream of consciousness guy was on the bus again this morning. He just sits and talks in this long, never ending monologue about all sorts of things, uncaring of audience or not. Some folks would find him creepy but I find him fascinating, and some of the things he says really make me think. Besides, the line between prophet and freak is slim at best. I'm also used to crazy people. It's the rigidly upright, middleclass and purportedly normal folks who scare me shitless. I go to their spotless homes and I can't breathe. But that's just me. I grew up in a mad house, literally, and this guy is really cool. I'd love to put him on cd sometime. He needs to be experienced.

Looks like I might be voted off the island this week at work, yikes. Should probably go watch my BG box set before I have to sell it off for food.

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