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  • Thu, 06:43: RT @JohnFugelsang: I like when they give the most awesome name to the fish with the most awesome powers.
  • Thu, 06:43: RT @TudorWench: Yell "not a squirrel"...
  • Thu, 06:43: RT @neilhimself: You would probably like the Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theatre. I did. @MeowTopia gets her Titania on. https://t…
  • Thu, 06:59: I have beanie hair that won't stop being beanie hair. today. Again.
  • Thu, 07:00: In Coles they were going on about a Griller Master but my flu blocked ear heard Gorilla Master, who sounds like a 60s Flash villian...
  • Thu, 07:03: ...who used monkeys to commit crime. In the Arnie 80s became Guerrilla Master. Retired in the 90s as they fretted over implied colonialism
  • Thu, 07:04: ...but is back now due to recognised camp value in all his retro glory. Or, maybe they were just talking about BBQ sauce, I dunno
  • Thu, 07:05: This doesn't change the fact that I'm so sick, angry and upset right now I have the hiccups and can't stop shaking.
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