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I'm covered in puppy pawprints. Muddy grubby puppy pawprints. Somebody's pup got out and of course it's been raining all night (and it's as steamy as) and he bounds along and leaps onto me, wanting to play, so we do. I worried what I was going to do if/when the bus comes but an early morning jogger came pounding along and puppy took after them, faithless puppy.

So now my dear shirt is puppyfied and I am perfumed by the faint odour of wet dog.

Once a puppy got onto the station and I alone caught him, unable to live with myself if he'd gotten on the tracks and I had to wait for the station master to call the RSPCA for me. The RSPCA guy arrived like two hours later and get asking me if I wanted puppy, because by now we'd bonded, but as I'm not even allowed to bring pot plants home, it was bye bye puppy. Please tell me the big sleep is better than an Anna Karenina.

Of course I showed up late, covered head to toe in puppy prints and my boss was all yeah, sure, rescuing a puppy, as if. And I'm never late bar transport disruptions (and rescuing animals) so that was really unfair. That was not a good day.

So here I am today for another game of Office Survivor. Will I be voted off this week? Probably, if I can't find a backup of those files somebody, not me, deleted off all three servers and both network drives. Gak.

Didn't get home til late last night but I still had to clean up from Roswell to Roswell (end of S3, start of S3). Yay to the Kyle factor, but yay to little else in my evening. December the First and I don't even get to hang any deccies up. I'm bereft. A world without tinsel is a world I don't wanna live in. Sigh. Pout. Whimper. Grumble.

I was going to pick up some cards and tinsel and stuff down the local shops last night, but the first card I saw said Merry Xmas Dad, and I was so out of there. Walked home in the cold rain, but I was miserable anyway, concerned over the missing files, because I know the buck and the boot both stop on my ample arse, alas. I think I've been outstanding this month, as compared to others, but yesterday was really testing me.

I did manage to get the tree up. Just the bare tree, nothing else. Like hell was I going to let the First of December go by without getting the tree up. It's tradition (not that anybody cares).

I'm going to see if I can get home four hours earlier today, ie a normal workday, though it's going to be a race between decking the halls and clutching the hot waterbottle, just when you thought yesterday was too easy. Another trial. Oh goodie.

Still, Edinburgh Castle. I did the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle while I was so not a happy girlie (I was as sick as a dog at the station and the station staff were really sweet to me - the kindness of strangers) so I can do a lot if I'm really stubborn about it. This is what it means to be a Cap. Just putting your head down on ploughing on through.

I wanna go home.

Ha! My old job is being advertised. It's been upgraded, too. Not that they'd ever have me back in a pink fit, but the thought of being the boss of Certain People, why, I'd almost describe myself as tingling. Heh.

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