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  • Mon, 09:02: RT @exitthelemming: Which Shakespeare Play Should You See? A surprisingly useful (and very funny) flowchart by @GoodTickleBrain https://t.c…
  • Mon, 16:08: Stuff, including Peaky:
  • Mon, 16:11: At least on GoT no one expects anyone to sing and smile like Mary Poppins while trying to get on with all the shit they have to deal with.
  • Mon, 18:55: "That's what I do, I drink and I know things" - I so need this on a t-shirt.
  • Mon, 18:56: Anyhoo, after working weekends and killing my laptop (same) and not whistling a jaunty tune (shame) I'm back online.
  • Mon, 18:59: I saw King Charles III at the STC. Interesting, but I was mainly there to see Robert Powell. I had a thing for Hannay as a young gel.
  • Mon, 19:00: I have the box set. It's rare I ever see a teen crush on stage, so that was yay.
  • Mon, 19:01: Also saw screening RSC Shakespeare variety hour, with Doctor, Donna and my faves from Penny Dreadful, X-Men, Sherlock, etc.
  • Mon, 19:03: Only kidding, kind of, but it bemuses how many of my genre faves are bard hounds. And why has no one cast DT as Puck yet? Totes adorbs.
  • Mon, 19:03: Judy Dench as Titania would be well worth seeing, too, ah well,
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