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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Sun, 18:33: 'I grew up knowing I was my mother's least favourite child'� | via @TeleWonderWomen https://t.co/4xU0CHDHls This. Totally
  • Sun, 22:25: Dominic West was the best damn Valmont ever in NT Live Les Liasons. OMG so wicked.
  • Sun, 22:26: Great yum cha, looked forward to all week, but regretting it now. Touch unwell, to put it mlldly.
  • Sun, 22:28: Also we were seated under the big screen tv and it had wrestling on and all I could think of was a certain Eric Idle song. ;)
  • Sun, 22:30: At least know what was wrong with me on Friday. I can't count, that's what.
  • Sun, 22:46: Eeee, Outlander time :)
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