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  • Sat, 08:46: Well, at least Mr Turner and Mr Norton helped me forget my washing day woes for a while. Yep, broke out the big guns. And the guns. Oh my.
  • Sat, 08:49: Soggy socks off line and in drier. Damn thing just dumped them in litres and then sat there. Went from working to stuffed with no middling
  • Sat, 08:51: I think it's time for tea and a biscuit and Mr Macfadyen. Oh yeah, no messing about. I've had a week and I don't feel like playing anymore
  • Sat, 08:55: Saw Bell's Romeo et Juliet. Acting was a bit Summer Bay but it was boldy done with plenty of brio, great costumes and a set!
  • Sat, 22:55: Just set me outside nice in the sun, book/tea optional, and there will be tempests in under a hour. Guaranteed. Every time.
  • Sat, 22:58: Like that time I was in Sherwood Forest, yes really, having a lovely walk and this boiling 3D CGI Hollywood cloud roared up. Soaked to skin.
  • Sat, 23:01: Mon Oncle used to live in Nottingham so a bus to see the oak and back was something I used to do to amuse myself. Hike to bus stop though.
  • Sat, 23:04: So this is me, back indoors with the book du jour. Well, at least I don't have washing on the line. Harumph
  • Sun, 00:55: RT @troubledmozza: And if a ten-ton duck Killed the both of us To die by your side Well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine.
  • Sun, 01:12: The immortal genius of Peter Sellers
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