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bueller? bueller?

Typical. Absolutely pisses down on me at the bus stop, but now I'm here it's come out all brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Hmph. So brilliant I'm feeling I should take the advice of Master Bueller and just blow off today, but alas, too late, they've seen me and I'm stuck here.

oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz, my friends all drive porches, I must make amends

I'm curiously relieved all the things I had planned and had been looking forward to for months have all been cancelled, as I suspect I'm due a severe cramping of style.

Or maybe I'm just tetchy because I've been left with complicated admin to finish, and I don't know what sort of fuctions I'm supposed to be adding, or why or how or what they should look like if my some divine miracle I can work this. Worse, I know know why the contractor bolted. They've screwed the system. I'm squinting at lines of code hoping for a Pythonesque hand of god to tap me on the shoulder and point out the missing closing tag, because that's the only way I'll ever find the error to fix it. Everytime I ask my boss for some direction he growls that if I can't do it I can be replaced.

Now I know threats and bullying are time honoured management techniques, but I don't need this, not now.

Especially not now as the annual Spring clean at home is the only clean as I try to get the house in some sort of order so that folks won't feel the necessity of donning an NBC suit (ie biohazard suit) the moment they step over the threshold. Which is a joke anyway because we never have folks over, hence the mess (no we haven't been burgled, it always looks like that, I call it squatter chic) and I bet you can't imagine why, what with me and mine being such charming company and all.

Not to mention Xmas = birthday which means all that reappraisal shit where you realise your life just sucks, especially in comparison to your rich, glamourous and sucessful, globetrotting, homeowning, published, married friends. Why, even Mother was berrating me for not being able to afford $10,000 jewellery for Xmas. Like I ever could, but her friends have produced offspring that can.

Oy. It's enough to make one retire to one's room with Bridget Jones Diary, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and a shitload of tim tams and never come out. And did I mention I might be getting retrenched for Xmas. I really hate my life, and I don't think bagging myself a boat person and setting them to domestic slavery is going to solve that much. But you never know - evil grin.

Yep, I think I need a day off. Or maybe a decade. Yeah, a decade would be cool.

Okay, that's two mates now who've implied that I'm a wee bit on the snarky side. I can't imagine why - sheepish grin. Perhaps one is a bit put out by the festive season, and all the conspicuous consumption that goes with it. Last yeah I was totally tinsel girl. This yeah I feel it's shaping up for a deep and heartfelt Bah Humbug!

I'd really like to apologise for all this work related merde. Nothing like staring redundancy down the barrel over Xmas to burst your joy to the world bubble. Or, to quote Mr Burns: "I don't bring you peace and love. I bring you fear, famine, pestilence and... "

Still, at least one dear friend used the phrase "aaarrrgh!" when describing the duties that occupy her time and keep her from writing, so at least somebody out there feels my pain.

Tonight's episode: The Deadly Assassin. Or maybe The Curse of The Fatal Death. I'm looking for a working title for a fic and I seem to be stuck in silly mode.

Man, I love Streets. Didn't get to see much tonight, but I caught a few minutes worth of wide ties and big Fords.

Farscape last night revisted 1985 (must we) and a teenaged Johhny (and what with teen Jack I sense a desperate grab for demographics, an idea done to death or a perilous setting up for Sci Fi babies...nooooooooooooo!). Anyway there was a shitload of Back to the Future going on and some baffling PK machinations in the B plot. I did love Rygel discovering chocolate, though. With you there, pal. Get me more Kit Kats. Need more Kit Kats.

Oh no, now I have this SF High in my head. It's just too horrible...but I'm sure there's some fan fic of dubious quality on the subject. It's a tv pilot waiting to happen. Tonight, on an all new WB...

Quote of the day: Lilah, upon hearing that a rival has taken her kid out of day care and offered it as a sacrifice: "Mother was right: I should have had children."

Selkie. You are a fun loving, ocean going type of
person. The waves draw you in with their
hypnotic rhythm, and you just can't resist the
siren's lull of the ocean. You are disappointed
in humans, and even your fae cousins for not
appreciating the ocean and all of its wonders.
If only they could see there is more than what
meets the eye; that dreams live under the sea
as well...then maybe they would not scoff.....

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    Now I am amused. While the words "rugby" and "xbox" have been firewalled at work, apparently dear Inga's book title, ahem, ain't.


    Yeah, small things, but I'm gonna take my giggles where I am get 'em.

    Firewalling and gender issues of language - snerk.

    My journal says I'm 50% masculine.
    What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
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