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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Wed, 21:55: Have heard from the relies I do like, all have made it to high ground. Phew.
  • Thu, 07:06: Ack. Just realised my g'grandfather's chairs will be gone. They were beautiful. The embroidery was special
  • Thu, 07:07: In other news I was carded at the bottle shop. Okay, they were demanding ID off everyone, but still.
  • Thu, 07:10: Better than the oafs at the bus stop talking about the old lady and I looked around to see the old lady they were talking about and oh.
  • Thu, 07:11: RT @NickGreene: How you think you look crossing the Alps vs. how you really look crossing the Alps: http://t.co/4UF7StcQS3
  • Thu, 07:40: Tonight's tea was red curry with coconut milk, leftover turkey, potatoes, carrots and peas. And it was glorious.