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My tweets - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.
My tweets
  • Sun, 04:22: Yes, I spotted the Buckaroo Banzai quote in Doctor Who. Yes, I have no life.
  • Sun, 04:24: I was forced to climb down a boulder strewn cliff with my old broken ankle. Will not forgive, but I did get to lie about streaming Ms Jones.
  • Sun, 04:26: And I saw Hugh Jackman singing and dancing. Wolverine: the Vegas years. Cheesy, wonderful fun, the boy is a born entertainer.
  • Sun, 04:28: And I put the tree up. Dracula gives it a touch of Euro chic, Liz Bennet is flirting with Nelson, Sherlock is lurking near the Tardis...
  • Sun, 04:31: Queen Victoria is seeing off a Dalek, Malvolio is splendidly cross-gartered, Churchill and Wellington are comparing notes...
  • Sun, 04:33: Robert Burns is giving Mrs Fraser the eye while Jamie ignores Mary Queen of Scots, K9 is chasing a Beefeater and Rev Walker glides on.
  • Sun, 04:35: Ok, way too much fun with the historical/fictional/pop culture figures on my tree. I also have a possum sitting proudly at the top.