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The Brit(ish) List

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(This post: James McAvoy joins The Coldest City, Tom Hiddleston Wants to Believe in Ghosts, Ewan McGregor appeals for help in search to find his first ever car, Henry Cavill Takes His Dog for a Walk in London, Dominic West Has an Embarrassing Story About Spice World That Isn’t Just the Fact That He Was in Spice World, Daniel Craig told to shut up and stop bashing James Bond, Jude Law Is Very Uncomfortable Filming The Young Pope, Benedict Cumberbatch knows he doesn't have a shot at 007, Clive Owen promised wife he would shave off moustache after filming TV drama The Knick, Nicholas Hoult gets high with James Corden and murders a few people in the insane Kill Your Friends trailer, Matt Smith makes a dashing Prince Philip as he films new drama The Crown, Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t like his acting in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Sam Heughan reveals disappointment over Scottish BAFTA snub, Poldark’s Aidan Turner is probably going to keep his shirt on a little more often in season two, Stephen Fry quits QI)
Tags: aidan turner, andrew lincoln, ben whishaw, benedict cumberbatch, charlie cox, clive owen, colin firth, dan stevens, daniel craig, david tennant, dominic cooper, eddie redmayne, ewan mcgregor, hugh grant, idris elba, james mcavoy, jamie dornan, jude law, kenneth branagh, luke evans, matt smith, michael fassbender, nicholas hoult, peter capaldi, roger moore, sam heughan, sean bean, tom hardy, tom hiddleston, tom riley

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