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you're watching it wrong

Okay, Jack, back away from the Sam and keep your hands where we can see them. Or, hetero tv love, American style. Yikes!

Okay, so they only play Americans on television :) It's the ick factor that counts.

The fog! It just rolled in and rolled out but it was a really cool sight. Anyways, did not play stalky girl last night, and spared folks my Bridget Jones styled blithering.

I'm not as bad as I think I am. Yeah, right. No I'm probably worse, but it doesn't matter. Oh, I'm over it, luvvie. The highlight of my day, and week if my tickled toesies are anything to go by, was discovering my Sandro Sense was spot on and, upon checking The Idependent, found an unexpected and delightful interview with the lad. Such a sweetie.

Sorry, JJ, but I spent most of yesterday in happily satisfying repetitive cut 'n' paste work and day dreaming endless Billy and Alan frolics, though I really should finish that story I was working on. Yes, I have ideas for Jack & Daniel, but it's Alan and Billy who give me that warm tingly feeling when I write. Everything else is just hack work.

Ah well, we'll see.

Last night Fox played the second last good Buffy episode ever, the one with the special football jacket that puts women under its spell. I started thinking maybe that's why Mikey has clung onto his favourite coat, as it obviously has the exact same power. Seriously.

It was a really good episode of Buffy, but given the context of the weekend, it was rendered absolutely hysterical. Much chortling as I was whipping up some cds of con pics for folks and finding pics of Rusty in his trakky daks for Bro (no, I don't want to know why, either).

After that we had Without a Trace with, gasp, character moments and, shock, horror, Eric Close screen time (though I thought he was looking a little tired, maybe he was just method acting). This was an episode of office politics (thanks for the escapism, not) with Martin's Dad sacrificing Jack for Martin. Best moment included Martin and Danny: "We make a great team" - you betcha, boys. I think we missed a scene because one minute Danny is all pouty and spitting acid over Martin's apparent treachery and the next they're two buddies against the world. There were also some nice Martin and Jack moments (seems I'm not as OTP as I thought I was) and then there was Jack and Sam. Eeew, not another Jack and Sam. Excuse me while I retch for a bit.

Okay, so our two alleged lovebirds, and this applies to any Jack and Sam, really, have apparently been carrying on a fling that has been offered up only in the clues of the occassional look or the apearance of standing too close together. So this is hetero lurve on American television.

So what am I to make, and envision any Danny of your choosing in this scenario (hey, I just noticed the interchangeable character names in WaT and SG1. That must make it so easy for some fic writers, no need for that pesky search and replace function - meow), of two characters who are always making with the significant looks, the joined at the hip stances, the hugs, the touches, the angst when their pookie is in peril, and never mind the time when Colonel Jack swept up Danny into his arms in the middle of the damn Gateroom and nearly planted a big sloppy one on him then and there. But noooo, in this case, according to the actors involved, I'm apparently watching it wrong.

Okay, just needed to clarify. One or two looks per season, no touching and zero chemistry between characters of the opposite sex equals massive bonking sessions in the supposed subtext. At least I'm supposed to read it that way.

However I should read no subtext at all into huge honking public displays of affection between characters of the same sex, even though every visual and audio cue is telling me they're so doing it, big time. Yeah, right. Sure.

So, anyways, apparently the two characters with the least amount of chemistry are the two characters apparently doing it on Wat. Yeah, right. Sure.

Onto Reilly, with unconvincing grey now attached thanks to the makeup Dept, Reilly supposedly getting on and Sam still being a youngish chap at this stage though My God the man has still got it, and then some. It was a bit of a filler episode as we wrap up the strands from his last adventures and press onto to the final end game, alas. Still, Sam was looking just smashing, and any time he's on screen I'm terribly delighted.

It was the last episode of Birds of Prey and good, becausde it was terrible, then I watched some Stargate, because I needed a fix of Jack and Danny anyway, and it was the end of Serpents Lair, with all the angsty petting and joyous hugging and the "Spacemonkey!" How could I not indulge? Luverly stuff. Just good friends, yeah, right. Sure.

Heh. As nobody is in I just had a chance to write some Alan and Billy stuff. It's meant to be a fun story but Billy is still a bit of a fractured fairytale. Sure, you're thinking another headcase, same old, same old and perhaps, but one is supposed to write from experience, after all. Besides, FreakBoy Daniel only came about because Daniel dear has been strapped to a bed so many times now I've lost count and unlike the show's writers I feel it's not unrealistic to have those multitude of experiences show up as emotional wear and tear on the boy. Especially as a case could be made that young Danny wasn't playing with a full deck to begin with.

Billy is a different case entirely, starting off as a happy go lucky chappy and it's demonstrated that not even plummeting to his certain death in New Zealand, bar his lucky strap, can ruffle his feathers. However there was no lucky escape for the lad on the island. He was mauled and it's not unrealistic for a young man, suddenly and brutally confronted with his own mortality, to be shaken and stirred by the revelation and be a changed man from then on. In my fic I ramped it up a bit by having Billy actually die of his injuries, and he is brought back as a more brittle creature entirely, the whole nightmare a lasting scar on his pysche.

Besides, if I didn't make my boys flawed and imperfect, it wouldn't be fun to write. Billy's PTSD gives Alan something to do and something to work around (and a whole lotta H/C). I think it adds a little flavour to the mix, especially, being a monster movie, the characters weren't that fleshed out to begin with.

Note to self: finish the damn Hidden Tiger fic!

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