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  • Tue, 20:06: Stuff I've found on the interwebs (Bond, Star Wars, doctor who, yes, I'm still 11, so what, big deal)
  • Tue, 20:08: Saw Arms and the Man, because it was all George Bernard Shaw when I was a teenager. It was brilliant.
  • Tue, 20:09: Arms and the Man has to be the best thing I've seen on Oz stages all year (don't worry, Beaux, you still hold the UK crown).
  • Tue, 20:10: Both were very funny, very arch, very political and way more feminist than any modern writing, which is as startling as it is sad
  • Tue, 20:13: I saw Beaux again at an NT Live screening. Not as insane as the performance I saw, but it was the last one. Delightfully anarchic.
  • Tue, 22:39: @Mitchell_Butel just retweeted my swoons. Swoon! He really was the best. Note perfect performance. U. agrees. Good job all round.
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