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Some of you may have been wondering where I disappeared off to. Some of you might have a very good idea of where, and why. However as I was so fried as to forget my notebook today (the pen and paper kind) you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a delayed recap of my adventures. Sorry about that, chief.

Rodin from the rear, NGA I did however get to see the exhibit Bro had worked on, which was part of my mission. In fact I racked up three galleries, two museums and a library, so I figure I'm allowed some cheesy pop culture, right? Right? Okay, so sue me for having a bit of fun, you macrobiotic killjoys.

I tell you what though, that is not a city built for the pedestrian. Of course not, it was designed by a bloody Yank, wasn't it. Hmph, typical (Messers Ford and Burley Griffin have a lot to answer for, imho). Very pretty, but frightfully trying on a sprained ankle, I must say. I was also coming down with the flu, which threw me off my game most terribly and most unfortunately, especially as somebody had been so looking forward to playing with me again like a cat with a poor startled mouse. Wicked child.

I couldn't work out why I was so blah, but now I know (and no, it wasn't the 'enormous amount of booze' I was frequently accused of indulging in, hmph, but, see, noticiably off my game, to everyone's disappointment).

Too bad, cause I'm the only one here today (and for this week). Folks have quit, fallen seriously ill or taken long service leave. I might yet win by default - heh. Oh dear, this is not good. Now I know why Bro, similiarly afflicted, stood me up - we were going to time share the hotel room). It wasn't the much maligned chocolate mousse afterall. Still, I said I wanted to lose weight (not walking home right now, obviously, and I've gained, dash it all).

Only saw Now and Again last night, and squeaked in with minutes to spare thanks to the effect inclement weather has on the meagre public transport offered up in my neck of the woods. We were indulged with protracted scenes of Odd Couple domesticity that even had me squirming (go on, try and tell me I'm reading subtext that isn't there) and we have to wonder why nets, steam or spray wouldn't answer for the capturing of the killer bee. Just curious.

I'm so glad I had some Jack and Stephen to read. I dislike going anywhere without a Security Pat clutched to my tiny bosum. Jack and Stephen kept me good company, and as Jack is also afflicted with the ability to ram his foot in his mouth on most occassions, it was a great comfort to me to chuckle over his misfortunes while forgetting my own.

Still, I must have had a better time than I imagine for I am surely being punished. Let's just say one is distinctly unwell and suffering government issue paper: I am in torment. Still, it sounds like a plot for a comedy fic. How about it, JJ?

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