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  • Mon, 05:09: National Theatre - confronting brutalism. Thanks Jude for the tip re open day :)
  • Mon, 05:13: Stewart propaganda re very divine right of kings - Banqueting House
  • Mon, 05:14: So I threw out my weekend plans and did the Open House thang, Though queues meant I could only do a few. I call it Death March 2015.
  • Mon, 05:16: Also saw Three Days in the Country at the NT. Darkly funny (like all Russian plays from that era, you can see history coming a mile off).
  • Mon, 05:17: Discovered you actually can meet your heroes - under parental supervision. Thanks, Mark Gatiss's dad!
  • Mon, 05:18: Also saw the Beaux Strategem, which was the funniest play I've seen in ages. Loved it to bits.
  • Mon, 05:18: Dear Sam signed my prog despite having broken fingers from the fight seen. Aw, my poor totes adorbs baby!
  • Mon, 05:20: Now there's a cafe right next to the stage door, one can lounge with a G&T and see more quality actors in an hour than at a year of cons.
  • Mon, 05:21: Including Toby Jones, Daniel Mays and Black Jack himself, Tobias Menzies (much bang for can't afford it buck).
  • Mon, 05:24: It sounds way cooler than it is. I'm sunburnt, covered in bruises and blisters and a cheesburger costs 30AUD, so I'm living on bananas.
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