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Thursday: The happiest thing that happened to me yesterday was a friend sending me some J/D fic to read. I enjoy her stuff very much and it was a pleasure to read it. Timely, too, because I needed a break before things were broken.

The street lights came on as I was walking home. This does not make me happy, as it's daylight saving time. The birds also put in their two cents worth, which is unfair because they sniffed at bacon bits yesterday, and besides, we don't have two cent pieces any more.

Squeaked in to see dear Olaf on Buffy. I love Olaf, a very underused character, or maybe I just love him because he never outstayed his welcome, unlike some I could mention. Classic episode. "Run! Hide your babies and your beadwork!"

I was also amused by Anya in St Petersburg for the revolution. I kept expecting Reilly to stroll by. Oh my, Anya and Reilly, what a ruthless and lethal combination. Heh. What can I say, the thought tickles me. And I did get to see about twenty minutes of Reilly, which made me estastically happy, because I thought I'd be seeing none (Without a Trace ran over time and I fell asleep during Angel anyway. It was a Fred and Gunn episode, nuff said).

The Buffy ep also featured a giant spider demon, which seguewayed neatly into the night's hightlight: while finally doing the seasonal wardrobe change over (if you can call a 10 degree rise in temperature a change of season) and this huge black spider crawled up my arm. Family came to my rescue, recognising my spider scream, but I'd already stamped on the bugger.

I came to realise two things. First, the fact that spiders are nesting in what used to be my party shirt says everything that needs to be said about my complete lack of a social life and secondly, that didn't do my arachnophobia any good and I'll be obessively compulsively shaking out my clothes for at least a year now. Though I still dispute the term arachnophobia, as in an irrational fear of spiders. What is so irrational when three species of spider in my house can kill, a few more can land me in hospital and several more leave nasty scars, as I can well attest. Irrational, my arse. So, the blue crystal, where is it? I must have the blue crystal.

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