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Wednesday: A morning of strangeness and portents. First there was a cat amongst the pidgeons, literally. The birds have been upsetting me lately, too. They turned their beaks up at the bacon bits and cheese from my caesar salad last night, which is unheard of. Of course, after that I didn't eat it either, but, freaky. They were strangely quiet and docile, too. Most unnatural.

Then I walked up to the bus stop and it smelt like Halloween. I soon discovered why. The road was several centimetres deep in mashed up pumpkin chunks and there were still some quite large pumpkin parts rolling about. No, I did not fetch them off the road, they wallop down the hill so fast there it's far too dangerous. I mean most of the people sans limbs around the place have lost them trying to cross that road (I do it daily). So I left the cars to skid through the bright orange pumpkin mulch. I assume some produce truck going like the clappers bounced over the dip and lost its load. Trucks always slam heavily into the dip, it keeps me awake nights.

Next up several ambulances screamed by (somebody probably spun out on the pumpkin) then as we got into the city I saw a naked man doing something to the letter box of the local MP. I concur, though how coherent a political statement a naked guy could be making at 6am I'll leave up to you.

Anyway, it's all cloudy and misty and, well, weird, so far today.

Mother cut me off cold turkey last night, having read that panadols were bad. After hobbling around on my ankle (man, did it really hurt like that all the time, au natural?) and demonstrating that it was still twice its size, I was allowed an aspro. One. Just to shut me up.

Missed Relic Hunter entirely, due to necessary errands and effing about, and bugger, because it promised monsters, and I'd been looking forward to it. Fell asleep during Farscape - I don't even remember doing so - and missed JC in drag, which was probably a kindness. Lots of farts, snot, vomit, kinky sex, violence and dismemberment. In other words, the usual Scape. Oh yes, and the urine drinking. Musn't forget the urine drinking. As if I could.

Actually, John makes a prettier girl than some women I know, which is a worry. Prettier than me, too, the bugger. And of course, being tall, broad shouldered and narrow hipped, he'll never want for clothes, because all dresses are made to fit men. At least, they are in this town. It annoys me.

So much for my quiet day, and I'd had such hopes of composing a paragraph or three. Sorry Billy et al, you're just going to have to take another cold shower.

Work is proving full of woes again. Not the actual work per se, it's my co-workers that result in so much misery. Now I get on quite well with a couple of folks and we stand in shock and awe at the sheer insanity of management, and we happily kvetch together. Others though, unable to deal with my "very distressing vulgarity of manner", continually whisper and laugh about me in front of my back, and I find it all very upsetting. I wish I could change my personality to suit them, and I try, but I fail. I'm sorry I'm not genteel enough for you, but at least I keep personalities out of the conversation. If they would just let me alone, I'd be fine.

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