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Last night's entry ended up as 31 December 2001. I know why - I'm too cheap to pay for another version of cuteftp and as my clock stopped, my demo's been going for 6 months, and I didn't think about where my LJ entries might be turning up. So go there. Pardon my ineptness and cheapness.

More M7 - part 7
warning: adult themes

    Nathan had to take spell sitting down. He cursed himself for his squeamishness. It wasn't like he hadn't cut up anybody he'd known before, nor should he let the decomposing state of the bodies get to him, but it did. He'd seem some terrible, terrible things in his time as a slave and a stretcher bearer in the war. He'd seen murders and butchery and animal cruelty, but this had to be close to the worse thing that he'd ever seen. He'd heard of such things happening, but he'd never really seen it this close, and never to somebody he'd known, to a child he'd delivered with his own hands.

    He bent forward, still feeling slightly faint, his empty stomach rising and falling, the outrage in his heart growing second by second. He'd known Ezra's wife had been brutally raped before they'd really started cutting into her, and probably during. That much he'd known just from seeing the way the body had been spread out on the bed. But the child, what monster would do that to a child, Ezra's child? Dear god, that there were such people in the world.

    He schooled himself, made himself bite down on all his churning emotions, and went back to his job of cataloguing each terrible wound before the bodies were decently buried. He'd tell Chris what he'd found, but he knew Ezra must never know. The thought came unbidden to him that Ezra might already know, because Ezra, like Vin, missed very little, and Ezra, as much as Nathan and Josiah chided him, always looked for the worst in a man's nature.

    The thought stayed Nathan's hand for a moment. Ezra knew what they'd done to his wife and his baby daughter. Dear god, what must Ezra have felt when he saw them. Nathan was glad he'd given Ezra some release this night. It was true Ezra had only married Amber for the enterprises she'd inherited from the gang war she'd started. She was quick and ruthless and so very beautiful and Ezra had found his match in her, and fallen in love with her in his own way, more as a cousin than a lover, but there had been no doubt that his affection for her was real, and returned in kind. The child had sprung from the legal requirement that their marriage be consummated, and Ezra had lavished all the love and attention on his child that he himself had been denied. And now they'd been taken from him in one brutal gesture. No matter what Ezra's wife might have done, no woman deserved to die as she had.

    Nathan shook his head. No matter how much he disapproved of Ezra's financial dealings, Ezra's dubious business dealings did not require the loss of his family, especially not like this.


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