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You can tell I was watching Austin Powers, the first one, yesterday with my rant on the good old days, made even more amusing by the fact that I never experienced the good old days, but it's got to be better than now. It just has to be.

I'm surprised you're not worried about my current Streets of SF obession. I try not to get sucked into watching it, but I always do. I suppose some of it has to do with watching it in the one year I was a day student at uni, my one year sandwiched between the misery and torment that was high school and the misery and torment that is my completely butt-fucked career.

Sure, I had essay deadlines to meet, but it was the year I hit puberty and came of legal age, at the same time, mercy. It was a year of discovery. I was like Willow on her first day of uni, only I was like that for a whole year. I discovered big libraries, live bands, boys, the art gallery, markets, op shops, slash, art films, writing, was the time of my life.

Sadly the only time, but at least there was one year that didn't completely suck.

Streets was part of that. So was Man From UNCLE, Jim and Spock, Get Smart, and more, so you can see why these things remain dear to me. Funnily enough I'm not the only one. I heard someone on triplej remember that particular tv schedule with equal fondness. It was a golden time of tv repeats. Ah, sweet television, dulls the pain.

Heard from an old school chum who's been amusing herself by checking up on everyone via the Apparently one very nasty piece of work is now a priest, of all things, which is utterly boggling, or perhaps exactly right, if I imagine him as one of those not very Christian Christians, like the Rev Samuel Marsden, the flogging pason. Not big with the mercy or tolerance was ol Sam, and having spent my formative years near his former property, I swear it's still has unhappy Hellmouthy vibes.

Personally find the idea of this chap as a priest as likely and realistic as Cordelia's ascension to higher beingness, especially considering Cordelia's lifetime of shallowness and petty spite and active cruelty. I mean, she monstered Willow for years and was no doubt responsible for a great deal of the angst and bile that exploded from poor Willow at the end of S6 (W. did go off the deep end after all because Tara (and Xander) were the only ones who truly loved and respected her).

I don't believe a leopard can entirely change their spots and in the religion I was raised in there was no forgiveness and no redemption, ever. Certainly none of my apologies have ever been accepted, so I just don't believe in, or even fully understand, such concepts.

I know I'd have to see a long CV of good deeds before I felt some truly savage schoolyard bullying was paid for. But that's just me. I remain, as ever, sceptical of conversions. Especially road to Damascus ones.

Been looking on the jobs site. Lots of work for whores, Santa's helpers and telemarketers, and I feel there's a fine distinction between those job descriptions, very fine. I did find one position advertised for an inflatable castle wrangler. That sounds like fun (only it would involve lots of small children and vomit, so on seconds thoughts, no).

Oh, tv viewing. Well, there was a Roswell I'd never seen before, so that was novel (and from the ads, I've not seen next week's, either). It was all about the boys having vicious alpha male spats. Please note that Buddha Boy was entirely exempt from such concerns. Dear Kyle is so the gay best friend role. For some reason they reverted Michael back to early S1. I suppose I'm supposed to believe he was under the influence of alien mojo but I'm not entirely convinced, story wise. There seemed to be an abuse of the reset button in this episode, bar the Jesse storyline. I've never taken to Jesse but his world just fell in a shattering heap and that last shot of him sitting there numbly watching a cooking show, so removed from the normality being demonstrated on the screen, was very poignant. I've had days like that.

Now and Again went all Christmas Carol on us, and if you didn't get it they rammed it home by actually quoting from it at the end. Yes, I did get it, thank you, no need to beat a poor girl about the head and shoulders with it. Clumsy ending aside, which I will imagine was the result of managerial interference, the story did have deft and clever touches, and I thought it was a cute and different twist on the old chesnut until they decided to shout their cleverness from the rooftops. Oh yeah, Eric Close was darn cute as usual and could it be any slashier? I think not.

Next up I watched Miracles because I'd enjoyed an episode as few weeks ago and this one was being hyped in print and on radio. Yawn, and the Amish gimmick is very tired.

After that I meant to go to sleep but it was Thor's Hammer and Torment of Tantalus. Some lovely, lovely Jack and Daniel moments. They are indeed moments and fleeting, but they're there, and they speak of a strong friendship, if nothing else. I'm really enjoying these repeats and seeing new things, or maybe just the same scenes in new ways. Now I'm seeing Jack as a lot more caring and flexible re Daniel than I did before, albeit in his own gruff and grumpy way. Sometimes he's almost gentle with Daniel, just for a beat or two, and it's sweet. Okay, so I'm taking looks and touches and running away with it, but hey, it gives the stock standard SF stories an enjoyable emotional level, and where's the harm?

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