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Sweets, Sam, sunsets and The Streets of San Francisco

Ah, that's so much better. Sam, honey crumpets, a sunset and an absolutely screaming episode of The Streets of San Francisco and I'm feeling almost human again.

Got home in time to see half an hour or so of a very young and very dashing Sam in My Brilliant Career, which is more than I ever dared hope for. Oh my, yes. It, funny, but it's been ages since I've seen MBC. I remember sitting through it several times at school, it being feminist, historical and Australian and therefore required viewing.

Yep, I was indoctrinated in the art of Sam at a young and tender age. Between MBC, Reilly and the Omen, well, I was his for life, wasn't I.

It's also vaguely amusing that when I first saw MBC I was still a child and very much of the belief that a career as a writer must come before marriage and all the soul sucking that entails. In fact I probably believed that right up until a couple of weeks ago but now I was sitting there thinking, what, she's giving up Sam? Is the woman insane?!

It's not just the Sam factor. I'm bitterly sick of my so called career. I still want to be a writer but I realise, now, that I'll never be one and supporting myself is so hard, so painful, such a never ending grind. A man's wage would make it so much easier, as most women my age are discovering. Surprise, it's still the 19th Century and I'm going to die bitter, exhausted, poor and alone.

Still, most of my married friends are heading that way too, so who can say. I'm trvialising of course, but you've no idea how important this flick was to me during my formative years.

Never mind, Sam was gorgeous and then I just sat on the new veranda and watched a sunset of lilac and brassy yellow, with a purple hazy sky and purple jacarandas as far as the eye could see (bar my scraggly tree, but we'll overlook that personal failure).

The sun finally set and I wandered inside to catch some high cheese on Streets with a psycho killer tranny and Bernie Koppel. Excellent! Ah, the 70s, where over the top trannies were almost always going to be psycho killers, bugger PC. Such simpler, cheesier, more lurid times, bless 'em. Apparently police procedure had no place in the 70s either, cause I'd love to see McCoy try and take this to court, but never mind. I mean, who cares? It's just gloriously cheesy and a joy to behold.

So cheesy in fact one feels as if one should go jogging and shower profusely after it in puritan shame, but bugger that. 70s tv is like 70s food, so bad, so fattening and so good it'll probably end up being illegal in a year or so.

The very best bit was the psycho tranny having an argument with his campy, evil, no more coat hangers persona in the mirror. Just the way it was cut made us think that Peter Jackson treasures this episode as much as we do. Very, very Gollum, it was.

Ah, happiness.

I used to watch Streets when I was in uni, it used to screen at midday in the union lounge, and we used to sit around and cackle over the wide ties. I swear the ties were wider and louder with each sucessive episode. Oh, happy days.

After that I fell asleep with was a pity because it was another wacko Jacko episode on Stargate and it would have been a nice segueway to watch Danny argue insanely and flamboyantly with his many personalities - grin. Are they sure all those personas were from the ship? Giggle. And the biggest cheese in SF goes to....(especially as there's no competition from Farscape any more, alas). The other story was nice, strangely muted and almost more an Outer Limits episode than a Stargate episode. I liked.

Anyone know where it was filmed? It reminded me of that overly twee teahouse my friend dragged me too. She made me sit under a potrait of the Queen, which as I said at the time, would be enough to cause my republican ancestors to all roll about in their graves so much as to cause a minor earth tremor.

On another tangent entirely, I think those 19thC quacks might have been onto something with the blood letting and leeches. Ever since my ordeal yesterday I've been strangely yet pleasantly docile and calm, like I've had three glasses of merlot, only better. Weird, but nice.

Not even the fact that the Ugly Sisters are leaving me again for another two double shifts as they not only had last Monday off, but will take this Friday and Monday too. Oh well, Cinders is planning on reading some brown paperbagged fic, isn't she, once I get into the unpaid overtime portion of the day (or rather night). And strangely, I just can't seem to care. Got to lose a pint or three more often :D

Or maybe it was just Sam, the sunset, Streets and sweets.

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  • PS. I'm so glad there such a pretty picture of Alessandro in the paper today because work is sucking. Today they've taken away my access from just about all of the systems and servers I work on. I am definitely being removed from my job in the nastiest way possible, by stealth and attrition. People are telling me to study new skills like mad, but you know what? I'm just sick to death of this. I know I have to feed my family, but not in IT, not any more. Don't want to have to deal with nasty men with little dicks any more.

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