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It was a week about knickers. First there was the 70+ hours of unpaid overtime and no time-in-lieu that meant I was spending my precious Saturday as washerwoman. Which I duly did, but even having the clothes out on the line all day, they still came in damp. No worries, I thinks to my self, I’ll just stick ‘em in the dryer.

Ker-klunk, ker-klunk, and silence. Nothing more was to be heard from the dryer. It had gone gently into that good night. On a long weekend with no bus or train service. Fuck.

Fortunately, it’s the 21st Century, and while I rarely get to partake of the fruits, living in the wastelands as I do, this time, yes. Turn on tablet, go to Appliances Online choose dryer, order dryer. Then there was the hullabaloo of actually getting a day off work (involving two levels of management) and yea, verily, on the appointed day, at the appointed hour, the dryer arrived. An hour later the knickers were dry.

I also made six jars of cumquat marmalade and teleconferenced a meeting. My most productive day all week.

The other knicker themed event was a quick trip to the Powerhouse Museum to see the V&A’s Undressed: 350 years of underwear in fashion exhibition together with the Powerhouse’s own Recollect: Underwear exhibition. The V&A one was only a third of the catalogue, as always, but what there was I found intriguing and surprisingly educational, learning the names of under-things. The local one was even more amusing via the archival advertising from Berlei.

I’m not sure which video was my favourite; the silent 20s one that was oh so Art Deco, the 30s one with the comically bad acting, or the one from 1966/67 that was so freaky and spaced out and why, oh why isn’t Doctor Who like this anymore.

The other exhibition we saw was the Powerhouse Museum’s A Fine Possession which included things, wonderful things, including jet mourning jewellery, necklaces made of shimmering blue beetle legs, political badges, talismans, mementos, made of precious metals, jewels, feathers, claws, glass, hair, and anything else you could think to use. Much oohing and aahing ensued.

Finished off with a quick romp around some old trains and a bountiful yum cha at the old Marigold (exactly the same as it was twenty years ago) and home.

With a new bag and a V&A inspired Chinese robe (100% rayon) from the markets.

Tags: art, galleries, marmalade, museums

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